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  1. Craig


    Will do, thanks Joey Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Craig


    Hey Joey, I have the same 900S, I went on UTV underground garage and can not find the UMP air filter system, I then went to UMP link and can not find there, do you happen to have a part number and maybe the cost, would like to order one. Thanks Craig
  3. Craig

    New guy here

  4. Craig

    Polaris Polaris RZR 10th Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Polaris, just wanted to say thanks for investing and developing both you awesome line of ATV and UTV, but also all of the events and promotions you do. I love my 900 RZR.
  5. Craig

    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome to the site, could you post link?
  6. Craig

    PS: Chargers still suck!

    PS: Chargers still suck!
  7. Craig

    Hey Joey, Ordered my Stickers, thanks for the extras, put my two small round UTV on my truck...

    Hey Joey, Ordered my Stickers, thanks for the extras, put my two small round UTV on my truck looks good. thanks again.
  8. Craig

    UTVUnderground Vehicle BREAKDOWN: Polaris RZR 170 (I lost my job!)

    To Cool, you gota be a proud Daddy, Hell now you can just sit on the couch and eat cheese burgers!
  9. Craig

    Rally In The Pines Registration Opens

    Hoping to see you guys there, wife is completing registration now.
  10. Craig

    Alan Jackson Keepin' It Country at the UTV World Championship!!

    Good, hope for you yet. Happy New Year!
  11. Craig

    Polaris Trinity Racing RZR 570 Build

    Nice, it will be cool to see how this engine and trans build hold up.
  12. Craig

    Alan Jackson Keepin' It Country at the UTV World Championship!!

    WAIT A MIN, I thought you were so anti country music, I thought you hated country music more then you hated the Broncos? have you found a change of heart?
  13. Craig

    Polaris How about new shocks for Christmas?

    Could you PM me a price for a 2015 RZR 900 50" Trail? Thanks. Craig
  14. Craig

    Drift Battle: Street Bike Vs. RZR

    that's a lot of Rev limiter going on there. Cool Vid
  15. Craig

    UTV Underground Desert Rally II Dec 12-14 Ocotillo Wells

    You guys and gals have fun, it going to be snowing on Sunday, Brand new RZR 900 I have had for almost a month and it only hs 21 miles on it. ITS KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!
  16. Craig

    4 stroke or 2 stroke, will we ever know?
  17. Craig

    Shocks for 2015 RZR

    Very interested on how they perform, please keep me on your list of updates and when they would be available. Thanks. Craig
  18. Craig

    Shocks for 2015 RZR

    I am use to my rhino with Ishocks on it and it rode very nice, this rides a little stiff, thinking of removing the sway bars to soften it a little and better travel on suspension. What would you do as upgrades? Thanks for the input. Craig
  19. Craig

    Shocks for 2015 RZR

    Do any of our vendors make a set of shocks for the 2015 900RZR 50" Trail? if so could you PM me the info and price, looking for a set. Thanks. Craig
  20. Craig

    To the Dark Side I go

    Well finally did it and got myself a 2015 RZR 900 trail, after 8 years of tooling around in my Rhino I sold it for 6500 and had a tear in my eye as she left in somebody else truck. This RZR is so nice, never did I think I would like Power Steering so much, it rides better then i thought, but...
  21. Craig


    Man, calm down, don't get all PISSED off about it!!!
  22. Craig

    UTVUnderground Helicopter Images from 1st leg of Baja 1000!

    Great shots, i so wish this race was on TV!!!!!.
  23. Craig

    Official UTVUnderground Baja 1000 Update Thread

  24. Craig

    Off Shore power boats

    VERY NICE!!! what's it got for power?
  25. Craig

    Off Shore power boats

    Most of the teams are self or barely sponsored teams, so they do have to be doing quite well for themselves in order to keep on keeping on.
  26. Craig

    Off Shore power boats

    Yep speedo in the center X10, did you notice the RPM's Yes they throttle depending on the waves and when the stern drives come out, don't throttle back RPM's over rev and blow up your $36,000 to 40,000 motor. Thanks for checking it out.
  27. Craig

    Off Shore power boats

    Now that everybody is getting ready for BAJA, I just though I would share what I do for fun by helping out and crewing on boats, my dad was a 3 time world champ and I did this before getting a real job. I love power boat racing and you will notice it's a lot like off road, you are on and off the...
  28. Craig

    UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K2

    Sweet, Man that will get you all pump up!
  29. Craig


    Hey Art, What kind of deal could you get on a RZR XC? second would be an S both I would like in the 2015 year model? Thanks. Craig
  30. Craig

    How would you react???

  31. Craig

    The Brandon & Blake Show - Inside the #1919

    Dam, cant get the dam thing to open.
  32. Craig

    'RZR ISLAND' Movie

    I thought it was like a porn, not much of a story line but always like looking at the video, and there were twins!!!!!!
  33. Craig

    new guy helping COrider in Denver

    if you ever need a hand I am just down in the Springs, Monument area, just yell.
  34. Craig

    Feliz Cumpeañons Jorge ;-)

    I have know idea what you said. OH ya Bitch!
  35. Craig

    price on Turbo

    Can one of our fine Vendors get me price and avaliblity on a turbo kit for a 2011 RZR XP 900, looking for the Areo charger turbo kit or K&T performance turbo kit. Shiped to 80907. Thanks. Craig
  36. Craig

    Scootin' Newton, the Fastest UTV racer you have NEVER heard of!

    too funny, that was good, some good old fashion humor!
  37. Craig

    Prayers for UTVUnderground member Waytay...

    Glad too hear it, keeping positive and in good spirits is have the battle.
  38. Craig

    When you are over sixty who gives a shit...... ;-)

    Good ones, I will be using some of them for sure.
  39. Craig

    Old School boat racing

    The two boats you see that are tilted on the trailer are both ocean. We did run some fresh water in Jersey and New Orlands. other than that all Ocean. We also all had RC boats that looked like our real race boats, there was always a race with those as well.
  40. Craig

    Old School boat racing

    All right one more. thats a picture of me back in the younger days. The tall good looking one.
  41. Craig

    R.I.P. Leonard

    Thanks Jim, Sometimes you need a reminder what life is. RIP Leonard.
  42. Craig

    Old School boat racing

    This is the boat i crewed on for about 2 years, so much fun, Lot like off Road racing in the water out of the water, on the gas off the gas. My boss was killed in this boat durring the world champions in Key West. at the time we had 3 boats and all were first cclass and top notch.
  43. Craig

    Old School boat racing

    Can you say open pipes!
  44. Craig

    Old School boat racing

    This is my dad back in the old days, We use to travel all over the world boat racing, he was a 3 time world champ driving for Mercury racing. I love it boat on the edge open cocpit, no air supply, Just drive it like you stole it.
  45. Craig

    Old School boat racing

  46. Craig

    Bruno Mars? Goin' riding instead

    Turns out he was the best part of the SUper Bowl!
  47. Craig


    Hey Art, Me and a guy named Tom Scott from Fab/AFV Industries (you may or not remember) bought ours from you when you worked up North in Pamona, he bought a Ranger and i bought a new 2007 Rhino, it now has a little over 12,000 miles on it and lives in Colorado were we take on some very cool...

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