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    Polaris XP 1000 Tranny Fluid

    We also use and sell Amsoil for the trans, front end, and engine. Fantastic products that are proven!
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    NEW Honda???

    Haven't seen inside of one yet. I'm sure it will have potential.
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    Kawasaki New DIESEL Mule or Teryx???

    OK I guess I just had blinders on. It is the Mule Pro Diesel.
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    Kawasaki New DIESEL Mule or Teryx???

    While browsing the internet today looking for some information, ran into this little document. It shows 2016 as the model year, 993 as the displacement, and IDI Diesel as the engine configuration. Interesting. Curious that with all the ARB research lately, no one has posted about this to my...
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    NEW Honda???

    You know Benchmark Performance will be building Hondas!
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    New Yamaha?

    I can only hope it is powered by something like this...
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    NEW Honda???

    I hope my Honda friends bring us something soon.
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    Hello From BoomerTeam UAE

    Welcome! :) Awesome video, looks like lots of fun! :D
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    Need 1K A arms

    Call Austin at 909-833-5022. He just did an HCR kit and has all the suspension from a 1K.
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    100 Mile Honda Pioneer test ride

    Say hello to Kevin for me. ;)
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    All UTV's Kawasaki Teryx 4 roof wanted

    UTVUG member DaHarp has one in Poway available. Send him a message!
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    President's Weekend Ride at Glamis Review

    Great times with even better friends! :)
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    New "Production 1000" class at Lucas Oil Regional

    UTV specific rules start on page 47 for those that are looking.
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    New "Production 1000" class at Lucas Oil Regional

    I've been waiting to hear if this is happening or not. Good job Lee, Lucas Oil, and Polaris for making this happen!
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    NEW! Zero Tolerance for Drunk Driving at KOH

    Nothing wrong with that. Just don't drink and drive, period!
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    All UTV's 4 seat sport utv pro's & con's

    The front has more room too.
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    Bent Drive shaft? How?

    Bad carrier bearing not properly supporting the driveshaft?
  18. S is a joke

    All of our clutch tuning parts finally shipped today. Will be testing "the fix" real soon!
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    All UTV's 4 seat sport utv pro's & con's

    Dave, there IS more room in the back of the RZR XP41K than the XP4 900. You're welcome to come check my 1K out anytime.
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    4,800 Hard dune riding miles on my Teryx

    Josh, by far, most 840s do NOT get all those parts. Most 840s are built on the STOCK bottom end. Stock crank, bearings, and rods. FYI. 840 is just a 5mm big bore on each cylinder.
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    Unfortunately you can add me to the list. Brand new xp4 1000. 10 easy miles on the ranch to break in the belt. Glamis, stone stock, stock tires at 10 psi, 2 adults and one child in car. At 70 miles, the belt let go on the side of a bowl. Wasn't hot outside, wasn't beating on it. Love the car...
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    **NOW AVAILABLE** XP 1000 Cage Bungs

    Cool pic in front of the spinning disc sander XMF!
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    My Buddy got a Rhino... Now what.

    CDI and sheave are the first things he needs. When he gets bored with that, I have CNC ported heads and all he needs for go fast parts to make that Rhino really run.
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    RZR XP 1000 SR2 Cage by Benchmark Performance

    Thanks Steve! Now that we have a decent supply of machined cage ends, more cages are on the way. This one will be black with an orange roof.
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    This is how they roll!

    No for sure diagnosis yet. They think the steering servo (directs hydraulic fluid to the steering rack) may have failed internally. The speed was 105.
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    This is how they roll!

    The driver is my nephew. He's a SxS nut too. He has a caged XP900 for play time. Here is Brandon and my son last week prepping for the race.
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    Kawasaki I need some clutch help 999cc

    You need an engine dyno to do that. Or you have to purposefully setup the clutch wrong (with heavy fly weights) and then test on the chassis dyno to find peak power rpm. The way to do it is put a tach in the vehicle. Drive it as is and note the rpm the engine runs at while accelerating at...
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    Kawasaki I need some clutch help 999cc

    There are shims in the secondary clutch that can be changed or removed to adjust the belt deflection. Keep in mind it is better to have a loose belt than a tight belt. To change the shims, remove the clutch, compress the spring on the back side using the special tools or a press, remove the clip...
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    BIG NEWS FROM KAWASAKI 9.6.13 - 9:00AM PST on

    We love our T4! Can't wait to see what Kawasaki has for us. :)
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    RZR XP 1000 SR2 Cage by Benchmark Performance

    Here it is, the latest from our SR2 series of cages. For RZR XP 1000 owners, this cage is 5" lower than stock and still accommodates drivers in the mid six foot range. It has a usable height rear bumper that doesn't obstruct the use of the rear cargo area at all. We incorporated the factory C...
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    Hello from GA

    Welcome Chris. :) I don't know if it still open but check out Paradise Park. Somewhat near Macon as I recall. I've been there a few times and it was a neat place to ride.
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    Kawasaki 2014 Teryx4 Adventure in Utah

    Sounds like an awesome trip Rusty! Wish I could join in the fun. Looking forward to your report. :)
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    Hello Guys!!!

    Don't let his lurking fool you. ;) He has had some killer SxSs! Welcome to active posting Jose! Good to see you on here, this is a great site!
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    SHAKEDOWN: 2014 Polaris RZR XP1000 VIDEO

    Another great video guys! I hope RJ still says hi to me when we're at the Lucas Oil races, the dude is a rock star! :eek: Seriously though, for those that don't know them, RJ, JoeyD, etc are super nice people with bottomless passion for this sport and we're all fortunate to have them. Keep it up...
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    Stockcars to sxs? Socal newbie

    Welcome Brennan! Lots of racers on this site and a wealth of knowledge. All good recommendations so far. Lucas rules are online too.
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    UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K - Full Video

    Great job UTVUG and Mad Media! :eek:
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    Building XP1K by Holz Racing Products

    Check your PMs regarding ECUs Rito.
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    All UTV's LED Light Shoot Out?

    Sounds informative.
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    Cool review. :cool: Jealous of those that made it to Dune Fest and got to drive the XP 1000! :)
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    LED light bar - Baja Designs VS China

    When I worked for Honda I tried to push them to put an LED tail light on the then in development 2004 TRX450R. It came down to cost and it was more money than a conventional tail light at the time. Everything isn't always as it seems.
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    I've seen you wheel a stock Rhino through the Glamis dunes leading XPs, Teryxs, and Mavericks.......... I nominate you to do it! :eek::D:eek::D
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    LED light bar - Baja Designs VS China

    Benchmark just installed a 40" LED bar on a SxS that the customer supplied. We were told in advance it was a Rigid but it turned out to be a China copy when we received it. The dimensions were incorrect, the wiring was incomplete and crappy quality, the mounts weren't as good, etc. The China...
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    UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K - Full Video

    Need more adjectives to describe the great job you guys did on this! Excellent work! Most of all, thanks for promoting the golf carts that we all love so much on this site!!! :eek::D
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    Thats not all.... Polaris RZR #XP1K is COMING!

    PVT is Polaris Variable Transmission. It still has a belt, it is still a CVT. There are plenty of vehicles above 200 HP with belts with no issues.
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    Thats not all.... Polaris RZR #XP1K is COMING!

    I may be a little slow, but how or where does the trailer play? The links seem to go back to the launch page.
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    NEW 2014 Polaris RZR XP 1000 & Full Model Year Lineup

    No they will not. Did you see the giant brakes it has!? The new brakes will not fit inside a 12" wheel.
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    NEW 2014 Polaris RZR XP 1000 & Full Model Year Lineup

    Re: New RZR 2014 Built for 87 octane huh? Can't wait to start playing with the ECU and premium fuel to see what it is capable of! Also noticed it says tool-less cleaning on the intake. That most mean the paper filter is gone and it has a foam filter now? I like the XP 1000, we will have to...
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    NEW 2014 Polaris RZR XP 1000 & Full Model Year Lineup

    Re: New RZR 2014 Are you a little early Rusty?

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