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    Pure 200 Race Recap

    Ah. Back at it! After some downtime to recover from Hammers, we were at it again! Changes to the car included - removing our MotoAlliance winch, having the shocks rebuilt for long desert racing by Walker Evans, upgrading stock hubs to billet Fireball Racing hubs and rebuilding the clutch with...
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    Road to the Hammers

    Howdy everyone! I thought it'd be fun to start a thread about everyone's prep for the Hammers. It'll be cool to share what we're working on and let the fans know what they're in for when February rolls around. Any racers are welcome to post up what their team is working on and anyone else...
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    Axle Recommendations

    Looking for something "bulletproof" for rock crawling and high-speed (even though I know that doesn't exist). Suggestions?
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    Lower A-Arms Needed

    Looking for a set of lower A-arms for a RZR-S. Thanks!
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    Fuel Cell Set-Up Help

    I have a new fuel cell mounted up in the RZR and was wondering what people are using for a fuel pump, regulator, etc. Need help with the set-up.
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    Raffle Tickets - M.O.R.E. Powder Puff

    Selling raffle tickets at $10/each with the proceeds going to the Cedars Sinai Cancer Institute! Here are the prizes - If you win, the prize can be mailed directly to you so no need to be at the race. You can also make a straight donation. Let's show them that the UTV community is...
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    Powder Puff Support

    Hi friends! :) It appears that the racing bug has bit once again...not sure it ever stopped biting though. Made a last-minute decision to run the M.O.R.E. Powder Puff Race that's coming up on October 6 in Barstow. I'll be out there campin' from, at least Friday, Oct. 5 to Sunday, Oct. 7...
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    Check out this music video

    Y'all know how much I love country, riding and drinking. All in this video. :) Zac Brown Band The Wind Official Music Video - YouTube
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    Hmmm...what is this?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance! And yes, I do see all the dirt in there. :)
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    Interested in Jawbone Part Deux?

    For those of who who missed out on the epic trip to Jawbone/DoveSprings/Randsburg/RedRockCanyon over New Years I'm planning another ride! Woo. It's my local riding area and one of the best. Lots of exploring to be done. :) What weekends are available for you guys and we'll set this thing up...
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    New Year's in Jawbone Canyon (12/26 to 1/1)

    SpeedyAngie and XPirate would like to invite everyone to come out for Post-Christmas riding in to the New Year at Jawbone Canyon! We'll be doing rides to the Jawbone Store, Dove Springs, Randsburg and cool points-of-interest like McGyver's Cabin, Schmidt Tunnel, the Talc Mine... CAMPING -...
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    Help! Rock damage!

    This is what happens when you're speeding through the desert with a stock skid plate folks. :( Looks unweldable? So, need any help locating parts. Will be pulling motor out this week, so I can get back out to ride! Thanks! <3 TooSpeedyAngie.
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    Lost Lizard Fun Run in Ocotillo - Oct. 29

    7th Annual Lost Lizard Fun Run at Ocotillo SVRA Come out for a weekend of great riding! On Saturday, October 29, the San Diego Off-Road Coalition (SDORC) will be putting on their annual Lost Lizard Fun Run. They have a family-friendly course marked in Ocotillo with 5 checkpoints with...

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