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    Has the Fat Lady Sung?

    Wow! What happened to this site? What drove everyone away? How does a site that claimed to be the #1 UTV site just die off as fast as it has? I’ve got my opinion and will share, but first for the very few left, what is yours?
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    Polaris Agrees to Pay $27.25 Million Civil Penalty for Failure to Report Defective Recreational Off-

    Will Polaris ever learn? Nope! And this is not the first time they have payed huge fines for not reporting safety issues with their vehicles. Polaris Agrees to Pay $27.25 Million Civil Penalty for Failure to Report Defective Recreational Off-Road Vehicles...
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    Is this legal for the Pro Production class?

    I think most agree that chassis suspension points is one of, if not the most important rule in the Pro Production Class. So while looking at the feature of Polaris CMO Craig Scanlon's new Holz built UTV, I noticed a few things that stood out. I know he had been racing the last few races of the...
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    Calling "Its Your Legacy"

    I'm calling Its Your Legacy, I'm starting this post as I'm confused and somewhat interested to try to figure you out. I know many more are too. Your too wordy to be M.O, plus I know where to find you if you were. Are just a Shit stirring Troll? Not sure? Do you have a past history with the UTV...
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    Today is Xander Hendriks Celebration of Life Service

    I hope many can and will take a few hours today and go and show their respects and support the Hendriks family. They dont need to know you, just the overwhelming show of support being their will help them know that Xander was loved and will not be forgotten. I never met them, nor was I in Baja...
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    Baja Alert! Stolen Truck

    Just read this on RDC. Be on the look out! I hope everything turns out OK! "Cognito Motorsports just got there chase truck with the race car stolen on the ocean front street while eating lunch! Lucky one of the guys went out to check on it! As he walked out the door it was driving by. Some...
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    Nikola a new UTV Manufacuture coming out soon.

    So we will be seeing a whole new segment of the UTV coming out soon. Will it be Score & BITD legal? We will have to see! Comes with a real cage & real seatbelts too! It should be in the market place within the next 18 months. Pretty pricey though! Computer...
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    SCORE UTV Rules.

    I was looking over the Score UTV rule book for both N/A & Turbo classes and notice the Max tire size is 33 inches! That is awesome that Score got it right, with no outside influences or pressures from sponsors. Will anyone be running a 33 inch tire at the Baja 500 in June? There are some...
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    Mint 400 race results

    Has anyone seen or know where to find the official race results? I have not seen them on here, RDC or BITD's site yet.
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    New GMZ Ivan Stewart tire coming soon.

    The new GMZ Ivan Stewart edition tire is coming soon! This is just not some signature series where Ivan has his name on the side and collects a paycheck. This is a brand new tire that Ivan & GMZ worked hand in hand in developing. I wont say anymore, but it should be here soon with all the specs!
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    Mint 400 entry list.

    Saw the Mint 400 entry list. Looks like 65 UTV's across all 3 classes. I did not see any Arctic Cat's as it was rumored this race would be the release of a new RG designed Arctic Cat Wildcat.
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    UTV Championship Updates, Pictures and Race Day Thread

    Starting a thread for people to post what is going on at Contingency/Tech, Post Pictures and to give Race Day Updates. So lets see some pictures and hear what is happening today! 2/19/16 Schedule Prerun/Poker Run 10am Contingency/Tech 9am-5pm Drivers Meeting 6pm
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    All UTV's MotoPocket Storage Solutions

    I'm excited to see that MotoPocket is now a UTV Underground Advertiser! So last year I was looking for some storage bags that were universal, that I could mount anywhere in the UTV, and that could be taken out quickly. After finding Motopockets and trying them on a UTV Baja trip, I found out...
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    Polaris anti YXZ video

    This is comical if Polaris thinks people are buying this! It's also tasteless IMO, and shows that Polaris is threatened by Yamaha. Which comment was your favorite?
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    All UTV's New Storage Bag, Need your Opinions!

    Need Your Opinions! For those who might not be aware or have read my Baja Trip. I found Adventure Pockets who makes the MotoPocket storage bags for touring & adventure motorcycling. I bought a few Side Case storage bags for my...
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    2015 Baja Adventure

    Baja 2015 “New Trails Traveled” So last year we decided to take the UTV’s down to Baja. We have done many trips in Baja with buggy’s, but never with the UTV’s. The 2014 trip was a success so we thought we would do it again. If you have not read last year’s trip click here...
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    Prepping for Baja

    Well its that time and I'm doing another Baja trip with the UTV's in Sept. If you did not read about my last trip you can here; I plan to do a complete write up on this upcoming trip, just as I did before. It seemed like allot of...
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    Cool Gadget! Black Rhino Power Supply & Jump Starter

    Check out what I just picked up from Black Rhino. Its a battery booster, jump starter and charger. This whole kit is so small it will fit in the RZR glove box and you will still have room for other stuff. The actual power supply is about the size of the iPhone 6. It comes with mini jumper cables...
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    Be On The Look Out For These Theifs!

    Posting this to get the word out! WE NEED YOUR HELP!! If you or anyone you know has any idea who these two men are, please let us know!!! These guys came in and bought $10,000 in UTV parts from Alternative Off-Road, using a stolen credit card. The man in the red is the main suspect and the man...
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    The State of the UTV Desert Racing Class

    With all the talk about possible cheating and just looking at the future of this class I think it’s time the UTV desert racing community sits down and looks at the past & future of this class. Right now there is no arguing this is the fastest growing class with the most entries out of all...
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    All UTV's So you want to understand shocks & coils?

    I was looking something up regarding shocks & coils and found an old thread with TONS of info on shocks & coils. I figured a few on here might appreciate the articles and find something to help you out. Bill Ansell wrote both part 1 & part 2. Part 3 was never written as Bill parted ways with...
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    It's Time To Vote!!! 2014 Score Off Roadsmen awards!

    Score has posted the list of nominations for the Score off Roadsmen awards. Reid Johnson, Joey D & UTV Underground were nominated for Score awards. Lets show the rest of the desert racing community that the UTV class & industry is a force to be reckoned with. Vote Reid Johnson for Mechanic...
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    Polaris Anyone heard of this new Polaris Dealership in San Diego? ?

    So did anyone else know or hear about this? I'm surprised I'm the first to announce this! Ivan Stewart Motorsports. 7736 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard San Diego, CA 858-848-7095 This is a Polaris Only dealership that carries everything Polaris. They just opened a few days ago. They have a...
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    My Baja Trip using a UTV.

    OK this is a long read. If you have never done a Baja off-road play trip, sit back and read my story, see my pictures and enjoy the ride! A little back story; So I have been doing off-road Baja trips for much of my life. But for the past 7 years due to family and life in general the Baja play...
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    Larger RZR fuel tanks are comming!

    The good news is TrailTank is very close to releasing their new large capacity RZR fuel tanks. They have made a tank to fit the 08-10 800 RZR's which should be released in the next few weeks. Orders are being taken now. The 800 tank will fit both the 08-10 2 & 4 seat models and will add approx...
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    Who is Reid Johnson? AKA badassmav

    Who is Reid Johnson? On here you know him as "badassmav" From just reading is posts on UTVUG you would think he is a bit arrogant? Maybe rough around the edges? But I think he might be a bit misunderstood? He has a racing history that I would like to see be told. I know of several quality...
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    Polaris Need XP900 Engine / CVT expert advise

    OK I need advise & some XP 900 engine/CVT expertize. As so many have complained about before, the XP 900 & XP4 get HOT in the drivers area. So hot that in warm weather my wife does not want to ride in the XP4, and I'm tired of the heat myself. Makes me wish I kept the buggy as temp wise it was...
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    Larger Fuel Tank for the RZR!!

    Who has wished your RZR had a larger fuel tank? Don't like the idea of putting a spare gas can in the bed over the hot engine & exhaust system? IMO this is one of the most dangerous thing I see people doing with their RZR's. The excuse is "I need the extra fuel range". If someone was building a...
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    Save Johnson Valley - Petition at

    The link below is for a petition to help save Johnson Valley OHV. We need a minimum of 25,000 signatures to force the administration to publicly address this issue. You will have to "create an account". It's fast and easy. Please get involved...
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    July 18th El Cajon Off-Road Show

    This Wednesday July 18th El Cajon's weekly Hot Rod show is dedicated to Off-Road trucks, buggy's, UTV's and anyhting else off-road releated. Like years past they are doing a full Main Street Road Closure so you can walk up and down the street with the cars all lined up in the street. In the...

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