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  1. jajl22

    4 Seat Turbo S Velocity Glamis Shock Settings

    Hi All, Anybody have any base settings for a 4 Seat Turbo S Velocity that they like for Glamis? Ride height to start with? Clicker positions? any tips for the Walkers? Thx.
  2. jajl22

    What UTV Motor Produces the most torque

    What UTV Motor Produces the most torque? Brand doesn't matter to me and boosted vs. NA doesn't matter to me. Question i have been researching lately and it is almost impossible to get torque numbers for these different motors Does anybody know what utv motor produces the most torque? or where...
  3. jajl22

    Who has the scoop on the new new for the up coming desert/dune riding season

    Alright let's hear it...let the opinions, 1/2 truths and flat out lies fly. This is the underground after all... Will Polaris have a new triple cylinder motor in a redesigned version of the RZR? Is Polaris going to slap a turbo on the RS1? Is Textron going to have the turbo XX out sooner...
  4. jajl22

    Does Anybody Know A Headset and Helmet Combo That Works Together?

    Ok here is the deal, I just picked up a nicely modded xp1k for my birthday and it has radios and intercom in it. Our family also has a sand car with radios and intercom in it. I am looking for a headset that i can wear in the sand car and then a helmet that i can use the same headset with in...
  5. jajl22

    New From AZ

    Hi all, New to this site but not new to sxs or racing. I had an ol rzr 800 i did some local az desert races back in the day. I have been going to Glamis for as long as i can remember. Mainly joined the site so i could follow the Baja races better and get the stories from the racers...

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