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    Changes coming to Forum..

    I can't find anything Radios or Rugged, goes to an ad on a UTV ?
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    Changes coming to Forum..

    New forum is cool.....Thanks Joey:)
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    Parker BITD 425 2/7/15

    Thats a good idea..
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    Parker BITD 425 2/7/15

    I agree, last year just went in town and watched them take off from where they turn and head to the desert, back by the airport. We are just up river from you... by the old jet ski rental On Marina loop.
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    Parker BITD 425 2/7/15

    Does anyone go watch the race with their UTV'S. From my house the only way out is right at the Bridge by Bluewater. I can't go there because of the race course. Any other ways to see it, without going on the Hiway? I have seen last year, some going by the cement plant. Anyone going? :D
  6. R Celebrates 6 Year Anniversary

    I found some great friends to ride with from this site!! :D
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    I need your help, again

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    Where did you Ride for Thanksgiving??

    We went to Ocotillo on Sat 12/22.. left the RV's out with some friends staying all week.Went home Sunday and came back on Wed afternoon. Weather was 80's and no wind... got dusty on the trails..went over to Jim and Melissa's on Turkey day night for a drink..Great group there.. Rode all over and...
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    T-day - Ocotillo Wells Nov 21-30

    We will be with Tobyduke and crew...21st thru 30th, so add us too please... Thanks Jim and Melissa :)
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    UTV Underground Desert Rally II Dec 12-14 Ocotillo Wells

    We will be there for the fun..:D
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    Off Shore power boats

    Lots of money for that stuff !!!
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    congrats to jim and melissa

    Congrats Jim and Melissa!!:D
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    Who is Reid Johnson? AKA badassmav

    Reid, you speak of Dan Rowin, I had a 427 Chevy built by Paul Pffaf, as I remember....Paul and Dan Started together? :rolleyes:
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    Pictures from the Ocotillo Well trip 4/4-4/6/14

    Great Pictures.... Brandon...a lot of fun....Can't wait to get out there again. :D:D
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    Gotcha :)

    She found the Wiener though......! :D
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    Ocotillo Wells Trip April 4th-6th

    We had a great time, Thanks all who took us out on the trails for our first time. Made it great, and met some great people. What a great place and only a 2 hr drive. We will be back...need to work on getting a RV for the next round.:D
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    Ocotillo Wells Trip April 4th-6th

    I think I can find it.... I'll text ya Thanks Brandon
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    Ocotillo Wells Trip April 4th-6th

    Me and my wife.. are coming out this Saturday, I have only had this RZR since last Oct. 13.. Only have used it at Parker..We will see if we can find you.., We like to ride with a bunch of people. So we dont get lost. no radio or GPS yet. Rick and Michelle.. XP900 4 orange, 2013 silver GMC...
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    The future of UTV 900 vs 1000

    88 HP vs 106HP weight ratio is better on the 1000 ?
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    RZR 4 900 vs. RZR 4 1000........HELP!

    I have a new 900 4 and love it....About a dozen of us took a ride to Swansea(Parker, AZ) Saturday after Thanksgiving and one brand new 1000 4, worked just fine with no problems. It is faster than the 900 4. Costs more too. :D Lots of fun
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    Thanksgiving weekend. Where you riding?

    We are by Manor Market...Most likely head out to Desert Bar and out Osborn Wash....Swansea? I have a new RZR 900 4 seat w/ a NASCAR email [email protected] Can't wait to get there :D
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    Thanksgiving weekend. Where you riding?

    Big group in Parker, AZ. RZR 900 4

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