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    What happened to the UTV Desert Rally?

    Is there gonna be a Rally in 2014?
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    RZR 4 800 Inspection

    I've got a buddy going to look at 2011 RZR 4 800 to buy. Anything special besides the usual visual stuff and oils etc. he should look for when checking it out? Do the arm mounts or particular parts of the frame need inspection? Any tips would be appreciated.
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    Help! Weekend Warrior Gas Tank leaking

    My 2007 Weekend Warrior Pump Station 40 gal Gas Tank has sprung a leak. It seems to have corroded or small pinhole (not at the seam, it is in about the middle on bottom of tank). Just called Warrior Lifestyles for a replacement, and nearly fell over. They want $650, plus my trailer would have...
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    Truckhaven Obstacle

    I know this isnt a UTV, but this was cool to watch. Ive got the video if I can figure out how to get it on here. We watched this guy do this on Friday, of Thanksgiving weekend. now we know someone can make it up!
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    Anyone going to NCY's Ride at Truckhaven

    I saw on North County Yamaha's site there is a ride at Truckhaven on December 3. I am thinking about going to check it out, is anyone else going? Does anyone know what the plan is out there ie. trail rides or what? Hopefully the XP makes it through Thanksgiving in one piece!!
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    Want a RZR XP, How do I get rid of Rhino?

    Anyone got any ideas on the best way to get the most money out of my Rhino, so I can get an XP? like everyone else here, I have way too much money into the Rhino and can't get it back. I tested the waters for selling it, and no interest. I was thinking of selling the good stuff, and trading it...

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