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    My desert/off road XP1K build

    Certainly not the caliber of many of these builds I am seeing, but our first one. A lot of re-work and engineering, if you want to call it that, along the way. But its almost ready for final assembly. Sheetmetal is off to get wrapped, just a few small details. We are still hoping to make a...
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    Help with race radio setup

    I have next to no clue on the right setup. Looking for a good in car setup with intercom, and base radio at pit. Any suggestions to get us going would be appreciated. Looking to order along with other items ASAP. Thanks
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    Seat brackets for aftermarket seats

    What are you guys doing to mount your seats? I got in my NRG carbon and been thinking of ways to mount it to utilize the stock style mount and quick release latch, but its going to have to slide forward to access it. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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    OSCN-Oak Hill short course race July 11-12

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    Recommended carbon seats

    What medium size seat would you recommend with carbon construction? Obviously looking for light, but while maintaining good comfort and a "reasonable" cost for what it is. Suggestions are appreciated. Brandon

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