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    CageWrx's New XP1K Build

    Very Nice work! Keep an eye out on this company coming up with some quality parts at a great price. Lots of cool things coming in the future.:D
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    Revisiting The California Helmet Law...

    I do not drive my sxs much since the law was passed. Daughter drives it wearing a helmet and she is having a good time. Bought a jeep and looking for a 4 seat buggy for down the road. So it killed it for me.
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    MORE Powder Puff Oct. 25-26th

    I will be there as well with my Chase Truck pit support for 1477! Come by and have A cold one...........
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    What if your cage was welded right in front of you?

    Joey is right on. The guys who are making this happen know quality and have been around off Road Racing for A long time. Great Product and style!
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    What should US do about ISIS?

    Check out this video that my wife posted very powerful Video. We Need not Back Down!
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    CageWrx is proud to be here!

    These guys are the real deal. Great product at A great price! Love there stuff.:D
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    Method Race Wheels - UTV Wheels ARE OFFICIAL!

    We Run Method on all of our Poison Spyder Jeep builds and Ultra 4 car. Great Product And great group of guys to work with.
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    Need ideas for front turn signals

    Try these They are small and clean looking.
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    Who is R.Acer?? Off-Road Superhero?

    This is cool what he is doing! all I new him as is the "boy toy" of the dude's wife that owned the LA Dodgers. I know that he has some talent working in his shop and I hope he does well in the dirt world.
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    Anyone been to Bee Canyon lately???

    I was there two weeks ago. And yes there was water at northfork. have fun
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    Sage Brush Rebellion - Getting Back to the Constitution

    Lyin King, Great Post! Breven
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    Sage Brush Rebellion - Getting Back to the Constitution

    Question have you met any of the Bundy family? I have, hard working true red white and blue Americans! You just take in count what the far left wing media tells you like A little sheep. What would you do if the feds kicked you off the land that your family has grazed and rasied family's since...
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    I am grad that they are trying to make this A Friendly family event. But two spectator spots are you kidding me. What happen to finding A nice safe spot on the side of the course away from people and enjoy the event with your family. Instead we get some government wonk telling us to stay in A...
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    Keep Grumpysrzr4 (Bill) in your prayers

    Bill is A good dude hope all goes well.
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    All UTV's Powder coaters in highdesert IE?

    First PLace Powder Coat in Banning CA. Ask for Bill tell him that Breven sent ya.
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    Offroad Careers Opportunities

    Troy is A cool dude. If you have the skills great guy to work for!
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    UTVUnderground Presents: 2014 King Of The Hammers - Polaris Racing Video

    Nice work I wish the utv's would have gotten some more love by Dave "But money talks and that is what the UTV's need". I got to meet Chad good guy he is good friends with my good friend Danny. Got to drink some beers with him and shoot the shit about his dad the off road legend Larry.
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    R.I.P. Leonard

    We all Die that is part of the circle of the life! Nice right up.
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    All UTV's Rock lights ?

    Rigid makes some nice rock lights we use them on our ULTRA 4 car.
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    OFFICIAL 2014 King Of The Hammers LIVE Coverage

    Yes just go to IRC tracking.
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    RECOIL film w/ B.J. Baldwin

    My good friend that I hang with Designed a lot of the parts on that truck. Amazing how far the trophy truck has come unreal!
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    Went up today And dropped my trailer and set up Our Poison Spyder Semi. Wendy Wendy Wendy 35-45 MPH is all I can say. Still cleaning the dirt out of my Ears! Hope it's not like that all week.
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    What to do with tax money?

    Save it for A Rainy Day.
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    Heading Out next Thursday! Work is hard.
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    Clearance Sale

    By far the best customer Service In the Off Road world of Radios!
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    Where to go? 3-4 day ride

    You do not need to be Rich to do something like this. I'm just an Average guy with A Family and A desire to explore.
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    Where to go? 3-4 day ride

    Arizona Strip Aka North rim of the grand canyon is Bad Ass! You really do not have to pay A guide to do this. In today's world all you have to do is plan your route by Google earth and over lay that map on to a GPS. If you are A out doors man and your equipment is well prepped this is very easy...
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    2014 King Of The Hammers - YES there will be a UTV Race!

    I have learned in life that in today's world (And I think it is sad) That it's not what you know, or how long you have been doing it, or how much heart and pride you have in something does not get you far. BUT in today's world it matters who you hang with and who you BLOW to get where you think...
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    Your still A Dick!

    Your still A Dick!
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    Happy-B-Day onerich

    Happy Birthday Rich, From the girls and I.
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    Private La Familia section

    I'm Sorry, just not into groups or clubs.
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    Private La Familia section

    I would like the la familia header under my name removed please. Thanks.
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    Private La Familia section

    Just Curious.........................
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    Private La Familia section

    What's up with This private section for La familia, Just wondering if you have to Have A secret Decoder ring to get in or what I thought the whole concept of La Familia was not excluding People?:mad:
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    Mike Valentines R1?
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    Big Jims R1?
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    Best xp belt in desert racing

    X2, I found They last twice as long when prepped and broke in.
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    Where is the Market headed?

    I would say if the government does not stop closing trails and deserts the market is not going to go far at all. I hate saying it but it seems like every where you go there has been closers or in the process of being closed. As for me I loved the UTV market but since California passed the helmet...
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    A clip that must be watched..

    Loose Lips sink ships................;)
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    All UTV's got any parker pumper mounting pics

    Try to keep it out of the bed (Lots of Dust). If you can mount it under the dash or hood and run long hoses.
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    A clip that must be watched..

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    2013 Glen Helen Grand Prix

    I'll be out there with the new poison spyder 2 door JK build we will be racing it in the stock class. Should be fun :D
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    First time entry for V2R !!

    Hot as hell, Drink lots of water, keep your fuel cool to prevent vaper lock, and spare belts.
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    Spare Parts for Desert Racing

    Zip Ties and Beer.
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    Poison Spyder entering the UTV Market!

    Hey Dan doing great living the dream. As soon as we get rolling on the utv side of the company I will be running the utv division at poison spyder. I am very excited to be apart of such a great company and am even more excited that we are getting into the utv business. I guess taking Larry the...
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    Poison Spyder entering the UTV Market!

    Stay tuned we will be coming out with some really cool stuff for sxs's.
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    Old 70's-80's offroad pics post here!

    Well if that is what he wanted then so be it. The family and I are doing great just got back from calico for thanksgiving for a week. Ready for the next trip.......

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