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    RZR'S ON PARADE - RZRsharpStudios

    it looks cool when you see all of them cruising right past cops but out here we would have 18 impounded rzr's a bunch of pissed off owners we wish we could drive ours on the streets:mad:
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    XP 1000 Second Battery?

    call us at wired for sound we run this set up on our new car you dont need another battery tray!:D
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    Camp rzr. la famlia

    lmaool @ Noel! good one:D
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    Lucas Oil Pre-Party October 22nd

    Wired for sound Motorsports will be there with a few things on display and for sale too!!:D
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    Camp rzr. la famlia

    msa off road 14" bead locks with30" kanati mongroles
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    Camp rzr. la famlia

    its for sale too! has 4.3 miles on it and is a 2015 with everyth=ing done to it and then some!! only the best products were used in this build!:D
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    Camp rzr. la famlia

    we will for sure be there with our xp3 come check it out:D
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    UTV Hauler/Chase Truck

    rusty call me at the shop,chris wired for sound 951 696 2200
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    UTVUnderground 2014 Camp RZR SHOW & SHINE!

    This years will be very interesting and fun!! whos in? we are!
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    2014 Camp RZR Glamis - Halloween!

    Wired for sound motorsports WILL be attending also ! come check out our 2015 xp3:D
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    Wired for sound Motor Sports XP3 will be there in the proarmor booth check out the car in person we added some more changes to the car as well:D
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    wired for sound motorsports 2015 xp3

    thank you all for the nice comments and jim and melisa bring the van in this is chris btw , we were supposed to meet up in ocotillio a while back were gona go out there again soon the wife is plsnning it now!!:D
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    wired for sound motorsports 2015 xp3

    so whats everyones thoughts on this car?
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    Can your Subwoofer box do this ?

    Gregg thank you for the speedy replacement for my sub box ! Chris

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