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  • Hey Michael, I liked your idea about circling Alamo to Snowy trail. I've never done that; Do you know how to do this 11 mile loop? It might be fun to to do this if we have time when we get to Dutchman. The Snowy trail itself just looks like a dirt bike trail (Real narrow). Thanks, Dave
    sure would be nice if you guys could make the ride . you,ve read the theads its going to be a good one.
    johns rzr 2010 white /blk has around 100 hrs, 1/2 "skide plates, wazoo steering wheel,custom roof cover, spare fuel tankcradle, large rockin ride toollbox ,5 point seat belts,doors ??, custom hood,up graded clutch,rearview mirror, look at johns picture on johns ashes for things that I my have mist . also spare tire an holder asking 12k I don't think mike it will last long . she moving to ohio in july. I haven't posted it yet letting close friends known first. I'll probably have to post on monday. hope you can help me do that. well come to the site. glade you made it . cisco will be very happy to know your here.
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