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    Can-Am NEW TOY allmost here

    the 800 is what I'm waiting for.. the guy up in Canada is ready too get the motor done... I would love to have it ready for our 2 weeks Christmas new year trip..I talked to our dealer today if its not here buy October I can have my deposit back .. :mad: ..
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    Can-Am NEW TOY allmost here

    WHERE THE ----- IS MY COMMANDER ..Seen 8 or so at the show my dealer has not seen one yet did not cheek any price on them at the show but one guy said he had 10 of them ..I CALL B/S .. but we will see .... I messed the DFR car would of loved to see it up close
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    2010 Sand Sport Super Show!!!!!

    nice show lots too look at and dam what a price drop in buggy's and rhinos thank you rugged for the hook up once agin... and thank you to the viair guys compressor works great ..and magnum sorry it took so long to get you some coin I hope the extra 20 makes up for it all in all a nice show...
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    Can-Am NEW TOY allmost here

    umm it would be the same...... 1100 + is the same if it comes from a 800cc motor or a 1000 cc ...I would have to redo the 1000 with the same parts and head work that will be done on the 800 but my 800 is 4k cheeper so I have more coin to throw at the motor work .....
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    Can-Am NEW TOY allmost here

    yes the x looks real nice I just cant see spending the extra coin for stuff that will be removed and 85 hp is cool but with the right LT kit 125hp to 150 will be ok and duneabule and take on rzr's and all others with any mod yes at this time they will guarantee 90+ hp but the commander 800 with...
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    Can-Am NEW TOY allmost here

    So after a ton of talking to people and finding out more info than i need to know I went for the 800 not the 1000 why look at the hole pic. 800 » 71 HP Rotax 800 EFI V-Twin engine » Industry-leading fuel mileage » Dual-level cargo box » Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) » Visco-Lok...
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    Tragic strikes my home

    sorry to hear this My Family will help and put him in our prayers we hope he pulls out..
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    Dragonfire Dives in to Commander X 1000

    cant wait ......our dealer still messing with every one but looking forward to having one .. and sending it over ...
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    Happy Birthday Joey D!!!

    Happy B-day Joey...from the Frazier family...
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    UTVUnderground heads to PISMO for the 4th of July! **Pics**

    one last pic. this is good times
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    UTVUnderground heads to PISMO for the 4th of July! **Pics**

    anytime joey did you guys do the poker run
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    UTVUnderground heads to PISMO for the 4th of July! **Pics**

    sorry we could go out with you guys we trued one time to catch you but we had a quad go off a razor back and stayed with him till the ranger showed to help him he was messed up bad.....glad you all had fun lost my camera had some great pic.s of your kids on quads
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    PISMO BEACH for the 4th 2010

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    PISMO BEACH for the 4th 2010

    weather has been great some fog but its not windy shorts and t's 10am till 6 or 7pm

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