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    New law requiring helmets in california

    I agree with you about Crook and RHOVA they both suck. I am just not quick to through CORVA in the mix because of some rouge asshole that use to be presidents used their name when they shouldn't of. CORVA has done more than anyone else.
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    New law requiring helmets in california

    I get everyone's pissed off about the past presidents endorsements but they are "past" not present presidents. CORVA as a body did not endorse him. But I feel CORVA is about the offroad community's only option. Know one else stepped up and talked to manufactures to get legislation written to...
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    New law requiring helmets in california

    I disagree. This bill has a chance. It could have easily gone away already in committee. Plus this one is a CORVA sponsored bill they did their homework with manufactures to get this bill written so that they would all agree with it. But this bill does not make helmets go away that is something...
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    New law requiring helmets in california

    Yeah that's the site I use to track it's progress. I even have an email alert setup with that site to let me know when anything happens with this bill. Also there's another bill out to do the same AB-64. But it hasn't move as well as SB-234 has.
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    New law requiring helmets in california

    There is a bill in the state senate that is going to the floor any day that will correct everything except the helmet portion. Thanks to corva and there hard work talking with the manufactures and politicians we have a bill to help out some. The bill is SB-234. I know this doesn't remove the...
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    another newbie from rhinoforums

    There was a vendor pissing match that led to a ban and then mass chaos my supporters of one another. Bunch of drama!
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    All UTV's Headphones vs stereo vs engine?

    Depends on my mood. But now with this stupid ass helmet law I can hear my passengers talk any more, can't hear my stereo worth a crap when I am moving, and the sound of the engine is muffled. So now I wanna do some type of head set system but I am not sure what I want to run. Mainly because I do...
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    Crazy wreck video

    Way to commit to it!
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    Yamaha Found out what a bad sheave looks like..

    Damn I would almost service every trip out at that rate. I run greaseless. I know that James has people running grease but I really don't want to mess with all that. I like greaseless. Wash out the dust every now and then and blow it dry. But I don't ride mud. All desert here.
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    Yamaha Rhino Owners?

    Keep up on the air filter for sure. I bought an extra one so I can swap out filters after each weekend and clean the one I took out and oil it and have it ready to rock. I usually go over all the bolts on the suspension and wheel lugs at least twice during the season. I change oil after every...
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    Jeff Gordon scares a salesman - hilarious

    Very well could be staged but I am sure the salesman had zero idea what was about to happen. Kind of like being "punked".
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    Jeff Gordon scares a salesman - hilarious

    That's some funny shit. Could you imagine being that sales guy? He had to have shat himself!
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    Still want to debate the HELMET LAW????

    Could not agree with you more about how these vehicles are built.
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    Still want to debate the HELMET LAW????

    This is it right here. The helmet will jot save your life no matter what. Plus there hasn't even been a study done to prove how much safer anyone is with it on, especially kids. The kid side of this is completely a different beast, if you are going to run around with them in your vehicle like a...
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    Still want to debate the HELMET LAW????

    The only debate that should be had is the one he had with himself before he went riding! That's the way it should be, you make your own decisions on how you want to handle YOUR own situations and deal with the consequences of your actions. It's not my place to force my ideas on anyone, nor is...

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