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    Are UTV Racers Cheating at BITD??

    The only way you will get an organization like ISA to take off is to get the biggest players in the game to adopt it right away. The problem was I didn't see anyone from SCORE or BITD adopting it. They don't need a third party telling them how to promote.
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    Utv Hard Ramming.. Our Mint 400 #1958 aka The Pink Car

    Can't argue with that.... Way to man up.
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    Utv Hard Ramming.. Our Mint 400 #1958 aka The Pink Car

    Guess the video must not of backed up your claim.....
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    Are UTV Racers Cheating at BITD??

    Which is exactly why racing a UTV doesn't appeal to me....have to build a new car every year to keep up with the latest greatest and with the lack of tech or perceived lack of tech that I have read over the years. Every time I've read about someone complaining about Corey and his lack of tech...
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    Utv Hard Ramming.. Our Mint 400 #1958 aka The Pink Car

    All this shit talking and still no video....Something is starting to stink.
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    Utv Hard Ramming.. Our Mint 400 #1958 aka The Pink Car

    Video or it didn't happen....
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    cognito spindles question

    Nothing but problems with the long travel kit I bought. CV's hit the A-Arms at full bump. Was given the run around. Will never buy from them again.
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    Kawasaki 2012 TERYX 4 750 4X4 EPS LE - Roll Cage Bent Up - Any Aftermarket Heavy Duty Ones?

    A good aftermarket cage can take numerous slow speed tip/roll overs like you had. A good crash will wreck any of them .
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    Changes coming to Forum..

    Not a fan of this board on RDC and doubt that will change with this site. I think part of it is the bright white color scheme and it takes longer to navigate.
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    Test Drive - 360 Camera View Jib

    Now we need details on the Jib.
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    Every great picture has a story!

    I just bought one of the $100 ebay radiators. Looks to be good quality. The thanks are bigger and the core is slightly thicker. Looks better than the stock 10 radiator but haven't used it yet.
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    I need your help

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    Cost of Winning: The Monster Mav Chronicles

    New $100-120k ish.
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    2009 Teryx Revived

    Full tube chassis 100% custom. Wheel base 9" stretched, body 6" wider, 840,etc.
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    2009 Teryx Revived

    Looks Good Josh. I can't wait until mine is done.

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