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    Hey Y'all from Ky

    Where in Ky are you located ? I'm in Kenova WV right on the Ky border.
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    Yamaha hot rod vid 12-29-12

    Dammit I'm going to have to find me a good mechanic cause I could swear if I ever got you out here on my trails I could smoke ur ass. Cause I know my engine builder builds the best engines. Ok maybe that was a little much maybe not burn you I don't want to look stupid in front of my friends u...
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    Suggestions On a New SxS

    I would have to agree with Hot Rod on this one with just a little work you would be amazed what James can get out of this motors it's pretty amazing really you can go from mild to wild it's all in what you want.
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    Yamaha hot rod vid 12-29-12

    Wow that rhino is fast do you know anybody's else's that is that fast ? Or do you know a good engine builder that might be able to build me something like that you know a good guy to deal with and stuff like that.
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    New Rhino owner from WV

    Nice to see you here. Glad to see some more W.V people on the site to.
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    Yamaha Do you have a JBS Sheave?

    And I love it best mod I have made.
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    Hello from W.V

    Thanks seems like I will be seeing alot of names I've seen before on here from A nother site.
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    Welcome from UTVUnderground

    Thanks that was pretty cool to say.
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    Hey James I finally made it over to. You outlaw.

    Hey James I finally made it over to. You outlaw.
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    Hello from W.V

    Just wanted to say Hi to everyone and ask can you say JBS here without getting into trouble ? :eek: just messing with James. Glad to be here though

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