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    NEW 2015 Polaris FOX Edition RZR XP1000 & NEW RZR 4 900 EPS!

    Hey Everyone, we are offering a awesome combo package for that new Polaris Fox Edition XP1K. Give us a call at SXS Performance and we can get you a price on this PRP Seats, door bags, and storage bag combo package Deal! 855-797-7373 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    GMZ Race Products Big Kahuna

    Waiting on wheels from us?? If so, give me a call and I will track the wheels for you. Thanks, [email protected] 855-797-7373
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    Polaris RZR XP 900: Exhaust, intake and computer...Worth the investment?

    Exhaust and a programmer might get you about 8-10 hp more from the car and a sharp sound. PM sent
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    XP1000 Tip Of The Day 7/1/14

    We at SXS Performance could not agree more. Letting your car properly warm up and cool down before riding and shutting off is a key ingredient in keeping your motor happy. Other than the basic maintenance of course! Happy Riding People!
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    Pictures from SXSPerformance night ride

    Visit our website for more cool news!
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    teryx tires and wheels

    Pm sent Sent from my XT1058 using Tapatalk
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    Silver State 4wd&UTV Jamboree in Northern Nevada

    Can't wait for this one! I want to be part of the "OG 13"
  8. S Desert Rally - Ocotillo Wells / S22 Nov 8-10

    Anyone got a schedule of events yet? Gonna be a busy week with SEMA right before...
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    2013 Sand Sports Super Show Sept 20th-22nd

    I believe most guys will accept cards, I know we will. But like Big Jimm said Cash is King!!
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    Same size front and rear tires?

    Our T-4 and our Teryx 750 are running the same size tire all the way around. We have been very happy with the performance. Both cars are running 28" tall tires.
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    2013 Sand Sports Super Show Sept 20th-22nd

    we'll be there as well. Gonna be in the FFZ area this year by Arctic Cat. We'll have lots of new parts, cars for sale, and a trailer full of cold ones...
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    Sell me your T4 plastics

    We should have a set of blue ones available here pretty soon. Just need the time to swap them out.
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    RZR XP4 Build at SXS Performance

    We have some new photos of the RZR XP 4 build with the NXG1 wheels and 30 inch Mongrels. This wheel and tire combo look awesome on the XP4. We have not trimmed the front fenders to accommodate the 30's yet. That is why they look a little close in the pictures. If you have any questions about any...
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    RZR XP4 Build at SXS Performance

    We have made some progress on our project RZR XP4 in the last week. We mounted the DG Offroad roll cage and the PRP doors on our Walker Evans Edition XP4. Both additions turned out great, the suede lining in the door panels looks awesome. All the parts we have added to this UTV are available for...
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    RZR XP4 Build at SXS Performance

    We are starting a new project here at SXS Performance. Part of the plan for our new super store is to always have a car on the floor available to buy. We are planning for this to be one of many builds we do here at our new Ontario, Ca SXS Performance Super Store. For this build we picked...

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