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    M.O.R.E has more to offer.

    I couldn't agree more with you rusty a lot of people are just not aware of how much M.O.R.E has to offer, or they are just scared of the terrain of Barstow and Lucerne . Great write up you will continue to see Suspended Fabrication built cars out there.
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    MORE's Sierra LED 250 night race, who's coming??

    Suspended Fabrication couldn't be more happy with how the race turned out. Staggs did and awesome job behind the wheel of his SF built YXZ1000. we went out there with one purpose and that was to test the car and make it to the finish, we did just that. I was lucky enough to be able to get back...
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    Why is no one racing MORE series ?

    we can help you out we will get with you at the race and grab whatever you need us to take.
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    Yamaha beat down at loors.

    and with a tuned ECU and exhaust what are you putting to the ground? 101Hp and to say you are running stock ECU's is far from the truth remember I have one of these sitting in my shop rite now that does 96MPH with no modifications but a exhaust and tune. I think Polaris needs to step up as well...
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    PHOTOS.... UTVWC Pics from Tommy Gun Images

    where can we view your gallery?
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    Suspended Fabrication 2016 YXZ1000R Yamaha BITD build

    Going straight from shop to starting line, so expectations are just to be able to start the race, a finish would be awesome. Going to do quite a bit of testing and fine tuning bewteen now and the UTV world championships which should be the real show of what a yamaha can do.
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    Suspended Fabrication 2016 YXZ1000R Yamaha BITD build

    Looks like the new Yamaha will make it to the race just barely. A lot of the fine cosmetic details wont be finished, but she should be ready to race. And we will have her all polished up for the UTV world championships
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    Peak Powersports - Race support at 2016 BITD events

    looking good guys. looking forward to seeing the car in parker.. see you there have a few things to go over with you
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    Suspended Fabrication 2016 YXZ1000R Yamaha BITD build

    We are getting close to having the new Yamaha we are building for Jeremiah Staggs ready to test at the Parker 250 this weekend. Lot of late nights, but thats par for the course in Desert Racing!
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    2016 BITD YXZ1000R Suspended Fabrication Build #1982

    We've been working hard to get this one ready for the first race of the BITD season. It looks like it will just make it. This will be a test run for the new car, we will be doing quite a bit of testing during the race, and then getting it dialed in and putting on the finishing cosmetic touches...
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    Post a pic of your dash

    MVRacing BITD 1951 dash

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