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    day trips

    I got a 16' Ronco tandem axle. All utility trailers are not the same. Two axle tows better and easier to back up.
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    Best in The Desert Henderson 250

    That was a cool video, thanks for posting that.
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    What happened to the UTV Desert Rally?

    Sounds good Jim, I often forget not everyone wants to go out and see how sideways they can get their UTV without going over. Last years rally was great just getting all the different folks and different rides in one spot, and taking over the 4x4 area! I'm sure this years will be awesome too!
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    What happened to the UTV Desert Rally?

    The location was perfect! I thought the ride could have been a little longer and a little more difficult sections. T-shirts would be cool, I'd buy one....
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    What happened to the UTV Desert Rally?

    Right on! Last year was October, so I was gettin nervous.
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    What happened to the UTV Desert Rally?

    Is there gonna be a Rally in 2014?
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    Cleghorn Ridge ride 7/11

    Re: Cleghorn Ridge ride 7/12 I hear ya on the broken part.... I was eyeballing this trip but I had to work. I haven't rode in so long my tires had almost gone flat. Maybe I can rip up there next trip.
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    Cleghorn Ridge ride 7/11

    Bummer Moss. The scratches give it character... we don't like them pretty, like those sand guys huh!
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    new guy in the san diego area

    Welcome from Ramona! Close enough to call SD :D Ocotillo Wells is my main playground, see you out there!
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    Miller Canyon ride this Saturday

    Moss, I'm gonna have to pass on this one. Too far of a drive for such a quickie. We are gonna have to do it again later when we got more time.
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    Miller Canyon ride this Saturday

    I wish I knew exactly where I was (I would need to look at a map) cause that was my first trip there. But I know it was a street legal Jeep trail I shouldn't even have been on. I got in like 50 feet and got wedged in between rocks on both lower Radius Rods. Turned around to keep riding as it...
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    Miller Canyon ride this Saturday

    I may be down for that. Just got my new High Clearance Radius Rods on this weekend after I bent 1 of mine. My first trip to Miller Canyon 2 Weeks ago saw to that :D
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    Trail etiquette

    I like the hand signal system, however it does get a little old on a really busy "trail" like Shell Reef Expressway in OW on Thanksgiving Weekend. It should be reserved for single track trails. It is kinda obvious when you can see everyone coming, and the trail is 15' wide.
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    "Back in the day..." I still run those old skool kragen HID's and love em. Guess you don't miss what you don't have. Interesting thread though. I do want a bar some day, and pricing will be a factor. There has to be a balance of price and quality, and each person has his own needs and price...

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