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    damn joey want to go bigger.. i like.. keep up the hard work man you have done a great job so far. so much information on this site. it has helped me out huge.. thanks again....
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    All UTV's Stolen Teryx

    i live in pasco as well i will keep an eye out also
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    All UTV's XMAS Suspension Special!

    Anyone looking for some suspension better jump on this deal.. i beat my rhino up pretty hard and the MAGNUM takes it very well... Thanks alot DAN...
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    Spody3 in whistler, BC

    i'll be back to help you this weekend moose
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    Sully its fuckin cold in canada homie

    Sully its fuckin cold in canada homie
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    moose its cold as shit up here canada FUCK

    moose its cold as shit up here canada FUCK
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    its all about that magnum suspension doin work
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    Spody3 in whistler, BC

    drinkin the nasty ales and the thick shizz.. thanks for worrying JD
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    Spody3 in whistler, BC

    up in whistler BC for the week.. up here checkin out the bars and the goods.. and some slopes.. not a big ski bum or boarder but up here doin work... thought everyone would like to know..
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    Nessy Inside And Out!

    dragonfire doin work... ddddaaammmmmnnnnn
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    Welcome DWT Racing!!!

    welcome DWT racing.. why to get another bad ass sponser Joey... thanks for passing it on...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    happy thanksgiving UG
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    Kawasaki moose927 teryx build

    its lookn good boys..stoped by and checked it out. hopefully a couple more weeks
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    Dragonfire Road to Baja

    sweet.. good luck dragonFire
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    Kawasaki moose927 teryx build

    Moose927 you missed out this weekend on the snow run.. EPIC.. well lets get that thing done.. a couple blue and silver cans is all we need.. O and also some magnum 6 inch...

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