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    My Final Story | Joey D. // UTVUnderground

    Congrats Joey. Thanks for starting this Forum that has helped me out with the UTV world for the past 10 years. Looking forward to seeing what all you are doing next.
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    Who has the scoop on the new new for the up coming desert/dune riding season

    I would think any new Polaris that is coming out would have the Turbo S body style but in the 64 inch model. new motor not sure. Now what Polaris is really coming out with is a twin turbo with 56 lbs of boost. All ranger models will have 4 wheel steer and a 10,000 lb towing capacity.
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    IXCR SXS round 5

    Following a 10 week break for the IXCR sxs season we were back in Indiana for a great day of racing. We started off on row 1 with the 10th spot of the top ten pro racers. When the Flag dropped we were off into a wall of dust. Luckily this was the only time dust was an issue. Heading into the...
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    Seeking V2R Chase Volunteers

    I will send you some messages on FB messenger.
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    Seeking V2R Chase Volunteers

    Are you guys planning on doing any other races this year for BITD?
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    IXRC round 4

    Mud, mud and more mud. Round four of the IXCR - Cross Country Racing We got some more of this good clean fun action. This is was by far one of the funnest Tracks that we have ran on this year. Due to the condition it took longer than normal to get the quads off the track but that meant more...
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    Polaris "Ole Girl" Beyond The Dirt

    Now that's cool and a lot of ridding miles. Good job Polaris.
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    IXCR Round 3 The Lumber Jack

    IXCR Round 3 The Lumber Jack. Leading up to race week temps were in the 70's or higher drying out the dirt and making conditions just about right. Mother nature had other plans Down poor the night before and during the AM quad races turned the whole place in to a mud pit from the time you got...
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    Was ready to see the RS1 in action on that. Will have to see what else will take place now.
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    UTV Racing in the Midwest

    start of round 1 IXCR.
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    UTV Racing in the Midwest

    Around 45+ total for IXCR and MWXC about 20 in the pro class and 10 to 15 in the other classes.
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    IXCR round one at the Badlands offroad park

    First year running it. If you want to do some co driving this year I am always looking for people to go with me. If you are on facebook you can check out my racing page and message me on there and set it up.
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    UTV Racing in the Midwest

    I am running IXCR this year and some of the Midwest sxs series races when able too. Midwest SXS is a new series that started last year. they have more of a Facebook presents. not sure about website yet but know one is in the works. GNCC would be the biggest...
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    IXCR round one at the Badlands offroad park

    First round of IXCR didn't go how I would of liked it. Started second Row in the Pro class Lost power steering as I was trying to make a turn and slammed into a tree. The 2:1 quickner and a nice rut to fallow makes for a very hard wheel to turn. End of Lap one coming up the mulch pile hill there...
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    Midwest racing.

    Who all is ready for the Midwest racing series to start up for 2018. First race for me this year is the Indiana Cross Country Racing series March 3rd at the Badlands in Attica IN.

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