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    Silver State Start at Pit 2?

    Lol...the moral of the story is the same...the guy who runs the show didnt see it my way and he make the decisions.. Good for Greg, Champion, bad for me, second place Champion...
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    Silver State Start at Pit 2?

    Well off the subject, but here it is. Worcs series, Three way championship tie, I think it was Rd 7 at Geln Helen, this was before parade laps were given so you never saw the corse till the race. Running up front in 4th when two cars crashed bad right in front of me (because one of the cars...
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    Silver State Start at Pit 2?

    George the Rookie, I was not speaking about the race, Im speaking too you, your an idiot! I dont know Justin of Cognito other than Ive raced against him for years, and unlike you hes won lots of races, puts together quality cars and has talent. Your a bottom dweller of racing hoping for 1st...
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    Silver State Start at Pit 2?

    This guy again..George "The Rookie" Felix I agree with the other poster, Shut the F$&K Up. Yea that was a strange call, but to attack the team, cheaters etc sounds like your issue was with Casey, but yet you rant on forums, then appologize "heat of the Moment" you used the same excuse last...
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    Utv Hard Ramming.. Our Mint 400 #1958 aka The Pink Car

    George your Intent was to enlighten, heres a few of your words and threats low class trailer trash team these yahoos ram the hell out of us your a chicken sh** , brag to your Flintstone buddies you have a target on your back Not a reputation I'd want to have I need to return the favor y'all...
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    Utv Hard Ramming.. Our Mint 400 #1958 aka The Pink Car

    George you keep bragging about how fast you are, but say slow as hell Jeep speeds and Our Teryx have magic acceleration secrets to chase you down and send you flying through the air 20-30 feet at 40-50 MPH! Lmao Facts..look at our bumper..its just 90 wall tubing..maybe a metallurgist can...
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    Utv Hard Ramming.. Our Mint 400 #1958 aka The Pink Car

    George, I dont know who you are, but dont put "Targets on my back" like your in the Mafia..Sorry if everyone in the world hit you or Moved you.. Victors a legit racer and I would be shocked if he hit you with bad intentions! Heres some pics of our bumper, taken a few minutes ago, after two...
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    Lucas oil required neck restraint, Neckgen

    Selling an almost new neck restraint certified for racing required at Lucas Oil and just good for safety in any racing easy to use system comes with everything call Dave at 619-672-6616 $400 I belive its a large size, my kids worn in and hes 170lbs and im 210lbs fits us both.
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    Really OG offroading Check out some of the whoop sections.. And falling into the ruts reminds me of last years Mint 400 The rollover is good also
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    2014 Searchlight Grand Prix Video

    Great video, that looks like a fun event and a lot of effort by you guys!!!
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    What did you race before you raced a UTV?

    Mainly 5/1600 Baja Bugs, SCORE / "FRT (rip)" Still love Baja Bugs, but I swear I could go faster in my Old Race Rhino than my old Baja Bug, and my Bug was bitchen...UTVs are great race platforms. Class 9 vs UTV challenge, Class 9 s going to get murdered
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    Revisiting The California Helmet Law...

    Im a toss up on this, its a good idea to wear your helmet, but just above this thread is one on big government trying to screw us.. Personally I build all my play cars with extreme head clearance front back and Side to side and prefer not to wear one. But to your point, I think having an...
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    David Lytle's Custom 2014 Kawasaki TERYX Video! WATCH NOW!!!

    It weighs 1740 with out the spare tire...not bad considering stock its like 1560.. I just sent in my registration for V2R.. I need to do some clutch tuning, were leaving HP on the table, it upshifts to quick and hp falls off, just need to find the time!!! as far as suspension it just...
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    Ave pure 175 April 4-6th

    State Farm, I was in the Teryx, That was a fun race...PS I raced Lou's series two years ago when every race was a night race...They are by far my favorite...

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