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    XMF CAge Bungs

    Now availble cage bungs for Can AM Commander Polaris RZR and RZR XP Wild Cat Rhino tube couplers and clamps Cage Bungs | Fabrication Supplies | UTV Parts & Accessories Dealer pricing on quantity orders
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    Polaris XMF XP 900 front shock Tower

    Yep John it is designed to work with stock shocks it does not change the drop you do loose a little travel about 3/8" up.
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    Polaris XMF XP 900 front shock Tower

    Improve the geometry and handling of your XP with this Simple bolt on front shock tower works with stock shocks some sanding on the stock frame to fit $195.00 powdercoated black with all hardware
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    Polaris XMF XP 900 Build

    Terry feel free to give us a call we dont have a lot of data published out on the kit as of now because when we release product it has already gone through testing on a limited number of cars and we are not quite done with that. As for the front arms we added the upper tabs to eliminate the long...
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    XMF XP 900 bolt on build

    Gallery - Category: XP 900 Race car Dennis Jean's - Picture: XMF XP 900 This cars first race will be Sobba got some finishing touches to do. Thanks to our vendors that make builds like this possible Thanks Walker Evans racing we have won mulitple championships on there product and we plan on...
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    1937 xp

    Santa's elfs are working hard!
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    Muzzy’s Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Robert Van Beekum Takes Back-to-Back Wins in Las Ve

    Re: Muzzy’s Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Robert Van Beekum Takes Back-to-Back Wins in La Great Job this weekend Bobby if you wouldnt have had the crash on the first lap and damaged the car you could have conteded for the over all win that new Muzzy motor halls a$$
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    LOORRS Utah!

    Doug gave me the finger too. big blue
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    Kawasaki Doug Mittags New Monster Kawasaki

    Car does look good saw it in person. I also would like to say what a great group of guys they offer us anything in the trailer that they had to fix dans car after we crash. Great job this weekend as always Dougie is fast congrats team COD looking forward to racing you in glen helen
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    Jake & Austin

    They would do that too LMAO
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    Can-Am XMF 4 seat Can AM cage

    Check out our new 4 seat Can Am cage
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    Official UTVUG LOORRS RD 3&4 Surprise, AZ Pics & Results (2011)

    It got hot and was loosing power sunday but Dougie was definatley halling ass would have been a good race if Dan could have got up there. Doug is going to be tuff this year. We still have some work to do but we will get it all sorted out before GH
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    Official UTVUG LOORRS RD 3&4 Surprise, AZ Pics & Results (2011)

    Joey Dan's car was not protested on saturday. The radiator got packed with mud and overheated and we had him pull off. Code's car caught on fire in practice and Dan loaned them his old SR1 so that Code could get the points for the day. The UTV community stuck togather this weekend alot of...
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    Now Taking Orders on WER XP900 Shocks

    $2050. MSRP email me or give me a call for UTVUNG pricing

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