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    Polaris XP 1000 Tranny Fluid

    We also use and sell Amsoil for the trans, front end, and engine. Fantastic products that are proven!
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    NEW Honda???

    Haven't seen inside of one yet. I'm sure it will have potential.
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    Kawasaki New DIESEL Mule or Teryx???

    OK I guess I just had blinders on. It is the Mule Pro Diesel.
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    Kawasaki New DIESEL Mule or Teryx???

    While browsing the internet today looking for some information, ran into this little document. It shows 2016 as the model year, 993 as the displacement, and IDI Diesel as the engine configuration. Interesting. Curious that with all the ARB research lately, no one has posted about this to my...
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    NEW Honda???

    You know Benchmark Performance will be building Hondas!
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    New Yamaha?

    I can only hope it is powered by something like this...
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    NEW Honda???

    I hope my Honda friends bring us something soon.
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    Hello From BoomerTeam UAE

    Welcome! :) Awesome video, looks like lots of fun! :D
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    Need 1K A arms

    Call Austin at 909-833-5022. He just did an HCR kit and has all the suspension from a 1K.
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    100 Mile Honda Pioneer test ride

    Say hello to Kevin for me. ;)
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    All UTV's Kawasaki Teryx 4 roof wanted

    UTVUG member DaHarp has one in Poway available. Send him a message!
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    President's Weekend Ride at Glamis Review

    Great times with even better friends! :)
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    New "Production 1000" class at Lucas Oil Regional

    UTV specific rules start on page 47 for those that are looking.
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    New "Production 1000" class at Lucas Oil Regional

    I've been waiting to hear if this is happening or not. Good job Lee, Lucas Oil, and Polaris for making this happen!
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    NEW! Zero Tolerance for Drunk Driving at KOH

    Nothing wrong with that. Just don't drink and drive, period!

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