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    Where in Anaheim Bill? I know they have a new store in Costa Mesa / Irvine area but didn't know there was a new one in Anaheim[emoji1360]
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    NEW Yamaha YXZ1000R & Wolverine Special Editions RELEASED

    Sweet! More color options [emoji849] How about Low Range to go along with it's 4x4 and Diff Lock[emoji12]
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    TDS 2016

    The new obstacles are being built at Johnson's Landing down on the beach of the Salton Sea. This is where the event will be held this year. There will also be a huge mud pit and Beer Gardens all over the event[emoji482][emoji1360][emoji12] Should be off the hook this year since the event will...
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    Picked up The General

    What state did ya get it from Joey[emoji15] Still can't find a dealer in California that even knows when they'll get one[emoji12]
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    Full Lotus UTV Decks

    How bout a flat deck for long bed trucks[emoji12]
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    RZR 900/1000 rear bypass mounts

    Sweet John[emoji12]
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    2012 Kawasaki T4 (SOLD)

    Gonna get the new Polaris General Deluxe model[emoji1] Full cab and a bunch o goodies[emoji12]
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    2012 Kawasaki T4 (SOLD)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD[emoji12]
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    2012 Kawasaki T4 (SOLD)

    It can also be blue[emoji39]
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    2012 Kawasaki T4 (SOLD)

    Great family cruiser[emoji1]
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    2012 Kawasaki T4 (SOLD)

    I'm thinking a new Big Red like yours [emoji12]
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    2012 Kawasaki T4 (SOLD)

    Would make a great Xmas present for the family [emoji39]
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    2012 Kawasaki T4 (SOLD)

    Gonna downsize to a two seater and the boss won't let me have two cars so I gotta sell my baby[emoji12] One of only 4 sets of Kawi Green plastics Complete set of Blue plastics DG Off-road cage 4 PRP seats with 5 Point Belts Warn 4500# winch and front bumper Factory UTV 1/2" skid and arm...
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    RZR 900 cage

    Nice job John[emoji1]

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