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    I have a 11/2 year old son seat for him

    my som is 11/2 and I was wondering what everyone else is doing when the ride there kids around?
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    Nick Fishers r1 rhino

    what do you guys think this thing would sell for nowa days?
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    Nick Fishers r1 rhino

    i was thinking about painting the plastics satin black... right now i was trying to get it all dialed in before i paint, its kinda a work in progress... i will try and get a video of it ripping soon my buddy did a in car video on his iphone but i am not sure how it turned out he said he would...
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    Reliability of streetbike powered rhinos?

    yes the fnr boxes are much lower geared makes them more driveable at slower speeds
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    Reliability of streetbike powered rhinos?

    my gear ratio is 5.5:1 it can creep slow... i mostly ride the dunes with mine and some fields it will do ok in really rocky stuff but where a r1 rhino shines is wide open places... but the power is very smooth and capable of lower speed driving it just all depends on the gear ratio... i dont...
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    Reliability of streetbike powered rhinos?

    here is a pic of the length of my chain. his maybe fine it looks ok from the pic gear ratio in the box i think also contributes to the heat
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    Reliability of streetbike powered rhinos?

    i have built a r1 rhino and used a rpm gear box which has held up great so far. the first build i did i had a short chain and adjusted it by some tie rod like bars i fabed it was a pain in the ass to adjust and would cook the chain after consecutive abuse on a dune weekend... so i came up with...
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    Nick Fishers r1 rhino

    i have owned this rhino for 4 years, i built it to a stock conversion r1 drove it for a while and then i choped and droped it and came up with a better chain design and weight bias i think it handles much better as well..
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    Robby Gordon Gymkhana this!

    gordan is good but no way he could hop in a car and out drive ken block! i am sure ken couldnt do the same in a tt either apples and oranges.... sweet video i was waiting to see if he blew the tires out haha
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    STETLER's R1 Rhino by 151 Fabrication

    so everything looks good inside my clutch... what would cuase the clutch to be engaged even when the slave is un bolted from the arm??? it appears like i have gotten a few disc slightly warm @ one point....
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    STETLER's R1 Rhino by 151 Fabrication

    steetler what did you break when ur clutch over pulled? mines stuck enagaged and it looks fine under the cover but i am guessing i broke a return spring or something??? i gotta take it apart and investigate...
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    R1 cooling system questions

    the manuel... the bike is designed with all the lines running the system.... hook them all up and you will have no problems... i run peter d fludyne and and spal fan which is on a switch and always on... mine gets to 220 if i am raping the shit out of it... but it will cool down fast if i just...
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    dark horse r1 build

    painted the frame and doing some final assembly soon ill be starting this bitch up!

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