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    2017 Baja 500 (Official Thread)

    2918 Lambert 2913 simms 2977 elenburg 2917 murry 2990 smith 2936 carver 2912 riggs 2930 cooke 1985 orellana 2910 trafton 1998 2904 sappington 2946 juarez
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    World Record UTV Jump Attempt - Saturday June 11th!

    Better do some major reinforcement to the front upper shock tower. We have seen one rip off so far. Best of luck.
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    2930 Is going to be stuck out there ALONG time
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    lambert first at 200
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    Looks like Alonzo lopez missed the bottleneck and got a jump on the pack but Cognito is in front. Just got an official text from crew Cognito was in front at mile 165. getting texts now
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    Help me decide - XP1000 BITD motor build

    I would agree with Nikal also. Look at what Cognito is making for the public and what they race. Same setup. We love our long travel Cognito xp1000
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    Laughlin Desert Classic

    Heres one to ponder for you points adders and times guys. If 1918 of Justin Lambert was allowed to run his NA car in the turbo class anyone wanna take a gander and see who would be in the top of points..Just curious
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    NEW Rugged Radios Relay Vehicle

    I was very please with the way it worked and the way they were able to help us during the mint.
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    Mint 400 side bet

    For what it's worth we had a driveline failure 15 miles in. Had to remove the driveline in the first pit on lap one. Got back on track and ran a decent pace for 2 laps until a fuel issue ended our day. Guess our axles held up well.
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    Mint 400 side bet

    racer red
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    Suspended Fabrication prepping car for Henderson BITD

    Will Peak Powersports be set up somewhere during race day with these parts and what is going to be your pricing for such parts. Is it to be expected to take a eye gouging since these parts would obviously be a NEED item for racers looking to buy parts on race day
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    Official Sand Sports Super Show Updates

    Cognito killed it with all of their long travel turbo cars for Sparks, Fox, Rugged, and a few others. Way to go guys. Maybe someone may post some pics. If not theres always Facebook
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    UTVinc Baja 500

    Johnny your write ups are stellar !!!
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    #1936 1st Place SS300 Recap

    Great job out there and nice write up

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