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    Why you should replace your harnesses every two years.

    Hello, everyone. We get a lot of questions about our harnesses and SFI certification saying you need to replace your belts every two years. There's a good reason why and we try to lay it all out in this blog post. Hope it clears some things up. We're here if you have any additional questions...
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    PRP Introduces Alpha Extra Wide Composite Seat

    Introducing the Alpha Extra Wide Composite Seat PRP Seats’ Alpha Extra Wide adds some extra breathing room for larger drivers. Two inches added in the middle provides a comfortable fit for waist sizes 38-44. Having same bolster width as the Alpha maintains that snug feeling, and allows it to be...
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    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    The recline is about 5 degrees. The back is not completely flat (it contours) so that's approximate. To compare, our UTV seats are about 12 degrees.
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    Can-Am NEW PRODUCTS: Maverick X3 Door Bags and additional storage from PRP

    PRP Seats, a leading manufacturer of suspension seats and storage options for UTV's and Off-Road vehicles, is excited to introduce their latest in innovative storage options now for the all-new Can-Am Maverick X3. Can-Am Maverick X3 Stock Door Bag Similar to the extremely popular RZR Door...
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    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    Kartek doesn't have any in stock. They are built to order so you can choose all of your colors. I'd just take those pictures in and show them. I believe the RZR mounts are finalized. Should be on order from our laser cutter but I'll have to double check. You can still order them through Kartek...
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    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    You can customize however you want. Should be live in about 30 minutes.
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    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    It's more of a function choice. The sport mesh is very breathable and keeps your body cool. However, small rocks and debris can become caught in the material. Vinyl is easy to clean and since we only use Marine-grade styles, very durable. You can select what combinations you want but we suggest...
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    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    Yes! You can see all of our color options here: Our visualizer for this seat should be live today at some point and you can select all of your colors.
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    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    I'd say it depends on what type of racing and the vehicle but it's really your call. Consider the size of the window and whether or not you expect to be getting in and out a lot. The head containment is to reduce the chance of a head impact and concussion in the event of a side impact or...
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    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    The one with head containment? Here's an overall shot and a side shot of the head.
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    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    Sure. When we decided to develop a composite seat, we noticed all the off-road racers were using seats made for street racing. For the most part, the idea is the same; to keep you held in tight. Off-road is a different kind of driving, though. The main difference in our seat vs the others is...
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    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    We're glad you're excited Jamie. We put a lot of hard work into making the first composite seat built for off-road. With the injection molded cushion and thicker foam all around, we think it will be the most comfortable composite seat you've ever sat in. When you decide if you want to go...
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    Yamaha PRP Seats YXZ Overhead Bag named one of Powersports Business Nifty 50!

    Pretty stoked! Check out the article here:
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    PRP Seats XP 4 1000 BUD LIGHT Build

    In case you didn't catch a glimpse of our newest build at the Sand Sport Super Show, Off-Road Xtreme did a little write up and photo gallery. Here are the details and some pics. See it for yourself at Camp RZR Glamis! Breakdown Seats: PRP NEW XC Seats Harnesses: PRP 5.3x2 Harness Doors: PRP...
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    PRP Seats introduces the NEW XC Suspension Seat

    Thanks Sand Shark. MSRP is $425. For the 1000, $435. You can come check them out at the Sand Sport Super Show or Off-Road Expo.

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