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    Kawasaki 2009 Teryx build

    A bit old thread, but any update on this project? I just got a 2011 Teryx. My plan is to fix the suspension, replace the Maxxis utv/ atv tire with something more aggressive and upgrade the frame also.
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    Roxxzilla, good?

    Any opinions on the Roxxzilla? I'm planning to get this tire. I do a lot of mountain riding and some mud. No rock crawling. Thanks in advance.
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    2014 rzr xp

    Could be a timing or fuel issue.
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    I like using the hybrid ceramic wax by Meguairs. It is easy to apply and the effect can last for several months.
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    Grandma's Ride

    Cool. Haven't seen a grandma driving a UTV.
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    Bent Frame?

    I would take a picture of the damage and post it.
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    Miami trails central CA

    Nice trails, although the editing of the video made me dizzy a bit.
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    Havasu Havik GP coming up

    Missed the event. Hope to see video clips on YT.
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    widest tires for 6" wheels

    I'm about to get a set of xd wheels XS235. They are 6" wide wheels. I'm curious about the widest tires I can fit. Any input? Thanks in advance.
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    Ramptek UTV truck decks

    Looks solid. Right now, I'm using a trailer to haul my toy.
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    2020 Polaris RZR PRO XP

    Looks promising. Can't wait to see a review about its suspension and improved hp.
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    What tie downs do you use?

    I'm using Cabela's Tire Tite and I have no complaints.
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    What a difference a decade makes!

    Great pics. Nice to see the development of those machines.
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    That's a great looking machine! Welcome aboard!
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    Kawasaki Kawasaki Mule Pro FX EPS LE

    I know High Lifter has lift kits for the Mule Pro.

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