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    "La Familia" 1st Annual John Berry Memorial Ride President’s Weekend

    Please ad Pap and Donna (Mam) to the list.
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    Ocotillo - New Obsticle

    Pirate 4x4 calls it a 50 50 obstacle. 50 percent of all those who try it will make it.
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    Hello from the old dude!

    Hi old dude, I started offloading in 1967 with a olds water pumper which I traded in 1969 for a 350 Greves. What was your first offroader? I have been riding with Lafamila, and they are a great group with members of all ages. Come out and join us for a ride.
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    Saturday very bad day for us ;-)

    Thank God you were not in the truck, and it was just property damage .
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    Thanksgiving - Mammoth Wash - "La Familia"

    Wife had made plans for Thanksgiving that I did not know about so we will not be able to make it.
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    Thanksgiving - Mammoth Wash - "La Familia"

    We are planning to be there most likely Wed. Through Mon. Will confirm closer to the date
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    Mammoth Lakes June 29th-July 4th

    Use ammonia. It will take out the itch away. Had a great time riding with you, but I got ate up to.
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    Mammoth Lakes June 29th-July 4th

    A really great trip. Thank you George and Kathy for all the work you put into this. This was some of the prettiest riding I have ever had the privilege of doing.
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    Mammoth Lakes June 29th-July 4th

    George, Thank you very much for all your work to make this trip happen and go smoothly and safely for all of us. I am really excited about this trip and can't wait to get there. Donna and I will most likely be into camp around noon on the 29th.
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    fathers day

    Happy Fathers day from the Stones
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    Mammoth Lakes June 29th-July 4th

    George, Plans have changed and we can join you at Mammoth lakes. We are excited and can't wait. We will be there on the 29th staying through the 4th and maybe longer if anyone else stays.
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    Happy B-day Melissa

    Happy Birthday To Melissa our new friend from Donna and I. Hope you have a great one.
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    Miller Jeep Trail run to Mt. Pinos

    If you guy's go before the 25th I really would like to join you. I can not go the weekend of the 25th. Post a firm date when it is decided so I can plan. Thanks Pap
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    Donna & I will have to excuse ourselves from this ride due to other obligations. We will miss all our new friends and look forward to seeing all of you on a future ride soon.
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    Thanks for all the great pictures and to everyone who had a hand in putting this ride together. I for one had a really great day.

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