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    NEW Honda???

    Joey, Where is the full write up on this thing? pretty sure you knew about this thing back when you made a trip to their manufacturing plant. Get any seat time? The underground getting a test unit?
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    NEW 2015 Can-Am Maverick TURBO

    Re: New turbo 121hp Maverick Is this turbo going to be able to withstand the woods and mudholes or is its home in the desert only?
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    From a quad to a sxs

    How do you like the pioneer 500 so far? Does it turn the 27's fairly easy and how low is he first gear? Can you start in 2nd on flat ground? I think this thing would make a great hunting machine and might own one in the future. That's for you input.
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    John Deere RSX 850i clutch issues

    Thanks for the response Nate! The RSX does have a different setup than most manufactures regarding the intake and exhaust of the clutch setup. Although I have been through some water, I have always been cautious regarding the height of the vents in relation to my water levels. I have also...
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    John Deere RSX 850i clutch issues

    Looking for some help from those of you that know a little about clutching. There seems to be a reoccurring issue with the RSX clutch that keeps it from releasing completely at idle therefore making it very difficult to shift gears once warmed up. My machine w 13hrs is currently in the shop...
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    NEW 2014 John Deere Midnight Black Special Edition RSX & XUV

    They released this model 6 days after I purchased my RSX 850i. Just my luck!
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    HERE YOU GO! Get $50 for participating in online UTV research FROM HOME!

    Even had a rep call me today, ask a few more questions and was told I will receive an email with my login information shortly before the scheduled date.
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    HERE YOU GO! Get $50 for participating in online UTV research FROM HOME!

    Passed on the first time and I was honest! But I don't fit the demographic of this website very well.
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    Looking for a dual battery kit?!?

    For my RSX 850i. I know JD makes one but I was hoping to support our supporting vendors! Would like to have a smart isolator with the kit. Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.
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    KTM XV-990 UTV (concept) Check it out..

    I would assume close to 30k for the KTM but I would own one in a heartbeat. They make top notch equipment with attention to detail far beyond what other manufactures in the sxs game are producing.
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    Heck, even I can afford the $100 side bet! That's definitely the best idea I've heard regarding the 1k The Polaris thing is getting old fast. Popo pioneered the utv sport market and continue to put more time/money into it than any other oem tenfold. Why shouldn't they benefit from it in one...
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    I know there has been some drama on this site this week but keep up the good work and technical informative threads coming. I have learned more vauleable info on this site since registering than all other utv sites combined. Keeping the comradary and friendships alive will grow this...
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    John Deere ibleedblue's rsx 850i

    Yes, I just picked mine up on Tuesday. Been sick ever since so I've been patrolling the forums hard! Only have 2hrs on mine is far. Do you have any recommendations regarding break-in, oil intervals, etc? I will look into tribal whips! Thanks! Following here and gatorforums
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    John Deere ibleedblue's rsx 850i

    Did you need to change the air filter already or did you just want to switch to an k&n? Do you have any pics of the air filter mods required? How many hrs/miles do you have? I know Deere recommends an 8hr service so I'm just asking. Also, I like how u utilized the stock mounting holes for...
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    John Deere ibleedblue's rsx 850i

    That looks awesome! I'm looking at going the plexiglass route on mine as well but was planning on painting them green. I may have to rethink the green and consider Bedliner as that looks factory.

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