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    All UTV's First Purchase Coming Up - Some Questions

    Look at the Textron / Arctic Cat Havoc. The Havoc is a impressive machine, that seems to get overlooked. It has allot of cool features you won’t find on other Utility models. The engine was designed & built by Weber engines. It’s an awesome engine. Plus the top of the line Havoc is under $18K...
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    Has the Fat Lady Sung?

    I don’t buy into the whole “Social Media” has hurt the forums. These forums are also a form of Social Media. In fact a report came out last year stating Facebook users are down 40% as of last March...
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    Has the Fat Lady Sung?

    Wow! What happened to this site? What drove everyone away? How does a site that claimed to be the #1 UTV site just die off as fast as it has? I’ve got my opinion and will share, but first for the very few left, what is yours?
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    2018 BITD Vegas To Reno UTV UPDATES.. Anyone care?

    So what happened to this forum? Its sad you have to reference “The Good Old Days” meaning that it’s dead, which it is?? I have my opinion, but there has to more to it? Also no mention of what I consider the biggest story in the UTV segment of the V2R?? Ray Bullock wins the Pro N/A class in a...
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    Polaris Agrees to Pay $27.25 Million Civil Penalty for Failure to Report Defective Recreational Off-

    Will Polaris ever learn? Nope! And this is not the first time they have payed huge fines for not reporting safety issues with their vehicles. Polaris Agrees to Pay $27.25 Million Civil Penalty for Failure to Report Defective Recreational Off-Road Vehicles...
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    So what happened? I did see a write up on the home page yesterday, which did not last a full Day, now it’s gone and back the the UTV Championship. Any more news about the WildCat going to be shared? If it makes it any better, we can call it the Polaris WildCat XX! Then we can have multiple...
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    Get Ready....

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    Get Ready....

    Here are a couple of Instagram videos of the preproduction Wildcat XX. Was told the long travel kit as shown in these two videos will be an upgrade option, like how Can Am has the RS long travel model. Don’t know all the details, but it sounded like the long travel kits will be built out of...
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    Get Ready....

    I’m looking forward to the reviews on the Wildcat XX. From the few I’ve spoke to that have driven it, they say it’s awesome, but most of those might be a bit biased as they are in the Robby camp. I’m surprised Joey is not going and that he is sending someone else? The long anticipated Wild Cat...
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    All UTV's New 32" BFG!!!

    Yep, I want to measure the roll out on a Tensor DS. I'm sure it's a solid 33, and Tensor was smart to to it. Score allows 33 & BITD alows 32. I've spoke with a few tire brands in the past and suggested they do the same thing. Per Cory when I spoke to him. He does not care what the tire truly...
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    Journey to the Desert

    Several years ago McMillins switched to Lithium batteries to save weight. Luke was still running his 1600 car and the battery failed causing to melt some wires. I believe it was the next race, and Dan who was racing the Jimco class 1 car had a similar issue, but the battery caught fire and could...
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    2017 Baja 500 (Official Thread)

    Read my post above. RM 45ish to 80 was before Ojos (Pepsi stand) to Urapan? Probably something similar to my story.
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    2017 Baja 500 (Official Thread)

    I agree Jim, the trackers have tamed Baja racing. I too remember and like you raced when we had no speed limits on the black top. Besides a dozen check points, it was very open to find the best lines. The McMillins were some of the best of covering their tracks during prerunning, so no one saw...
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    2017 Baja 500 (Official Thread)

    The band is called Metalachi. Google them and you will find it.
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    2017 Baja 500 (Official Thread)

    Is mostly a numbers thing. In the N/A class all the cars were Polaris minus one Yamaha. Then in the Turbo class you had 17 Polaris and 8 Can Am's. Just looking at it from a numbers stand point Polaris had a 90%+ chance of winning the N/A class and in the Turbo's they had 50% more cars entered...

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