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    dumont dunes thankgiving

    see you guys out there
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    Off to H-Town....

    excellent choice in shops, not only is Dale a great fab guy but pretty cool to too, I choose Dale as well to help build my 912 rotax rhino. He fabbed all my cage work and bumper.
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    congrats Cory it was pretty cool seeing you smokem out there on the track. And thanks for taking the time to take a picture with my son with your car at the end of the race, the wife and I appriciate the hospitality.
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    so can you pay to get in?? i havent been to sema in forever my wife use to get me passes along with the AVN dealio.. cool wife huh? I would love to go and check stuff out..
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    Glamis vid from 10/23

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    the writing has been on the wall with this company for years, they have had the same picture of the same utv since what 05? and it's never been out, no one has ever seen it. we all have called bs on this scam artist for years but we were all called a-holes for it.
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    Commander 1000 0-73Mph, 21 seconds

    and these things are detuned stock wait for the filter pipe cdi ect...
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    Got some Goodies! New MUZZYS and New Digital Dash!

    i got a hook up on that dash too, put in my pops rhino.. they are bad ass..and work great
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    All UTV's RYR - Who's building one?

    rog's race built is 67 and thats a full race motor? these 912 are gonna be monsters. thats 75-80 to the wheels not the crank
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    Welcome ZTFab AKA Zero Tolerance Fabrication

    move to vegas please !! lol
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    Yamaha What axles with Rotax swap?

    that is exactly what i run with my rotax. i have heard good things about the 300m good luck
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    Yamaha What axles with Rotax swap?

    i run LSR's axels and they have held up great despit the major abuse i have put them through. and cant beat the lifetime warranty.
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    Sand Sport Super Show Live and in HD

    sick video cant wait to see the SSSS show live!!!!!
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    Oh yeah I understand no doubt that's a deal I can go 450 but that's it I am strapped at the...

    Oh yeah I understand no doubt that's a deal I can go 450 but that's it I am strapped at the moment and need new tires for my everyday wheels and rims for my sand tires how's that bagger you picked up?

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