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    Disabled person Looking to work for a team paid or unpaid dosn't matter.

    If its your dream then do what it takes to make it happen. There are things you can bring to the table for a team but you might have to develop some skills and change your expectations. Find a way that you can contribute and learn the skills. Most race programs are run like a business with...
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    Its one of the most insane UTV's we've ever seen!

    Thats 2 Yamahas that have utilized the possibilities of the unlimited class rules. It will be interesting to see them compete against each other as well as against the rest of the class that probably could race in the pro turbo class.
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    Valor Racing #959 2018 Parker 250 Race Report

    Glad you guys were OK. Came over the crest on the second lap and had a "holy s*%t" moment. See something like that you say a quick prayer that no one was hurt.
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    Did everyone move on.

    Hey, there is a bunch of content on the home page! Just looked like a landing page to load up with advertisements and background videos that started playing by themselves when my volume is already turned way to high! In all seriousness, it is jumbled and new content gets lost will everything...
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    variable focus off road light.

    Pretty cool light. I think it could have some value in racing but crap its expensive. You could throw a lot more light for less money, that is for sure. The GPS controlled focus is cool. Now they just need the vertical aim on a gimbal so it always points forward instead of at the ground or the...
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    Did everyone move on.

    I think you will see a bit more content from UTVUG this year. Polaris just signed on to have a helicopter at all the BITD races filming. We all loved the good old days when there was a video after every race. They shot a ton a footage from Parker. It lead us through the goat trail section...
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    New Bump Steer Delete (BSD) Tie rod kit for X3 is here!

    When you can see the bump steer in the slow mo shots in the latest "Visions of Victory" video...its too much!
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    New Bump Steer Delete (BSD) Tie rod kit for X3 is here!

    Doing a little math puts each wheel at a total of 9.56 deg of change from full bump to full droop. That is most likely not split 50/50 but it does put the wheel varying somewhere around 5 degrees from strait ahead. I would have to dig deep in my notes when I analysed the XP but if I remember...
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    2017 Baja 500 (Official Thread)

    Guessing you don't follow his instagram account? Don't know exactly what happened but a good rock can take out any suspension. We use to see a lot more bent radius rods, banana-ed trailing arms, and other destroyed suspension components from the various makers out there but they have all...
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    Journey to the Desert

    Lithiums are great when they work. When they go out:eek:. They don't take voltage spikes well or other electrical variations for that matter. We had one take us out of the Parker race this year. Billowing smoke and almost caught fire. When the culprit short was found it was something that a...
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    Yamaha Truly Unlimited UTV - Rustfish Racing 2921

    Hey Reid, Motive = Zane. geez man, can't even keep your friends straight? haha Ryan owns and drives the car. I'm just one of the CAD junkies/suspension geeks on it. He can call me a member of the peanut gallery all he wants but if he is trying to show something important with that level...
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    Yamaha Truly Unlimited UTV - Rustfish Racing 2921

    A traditional steering rack rather it be an end load, center load, or one with a bump steer bracket such as the Redlands or Scanlon car only moves in one plane. In and out, from side to side. It gives a lineal movement equal on both sides. If steering is locked dead straight you can use a...
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    Yamaha Truly Unlimited UTV - Rustfish Racing 2921

    I'm behind on reading all the latest at UTVUG. Its exciting to come back from awhile and see a build such as yours. Everything is looking top notch. To add to what Reid has said about front steer, ackerman, and bump steer. Yes you can design a rear steer with no bump steer at a certain...
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    I know what you are saying baja specialist and I understand you don't like my idea because you don't race every BITD. That is not to say you are not fast by any means. But with the UTV class swinging from 40 to up to 100 racers depending on the race how do you make it fair for the guys that...
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    New to co-driving

    Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. And listen for sirens behind you! Honestly it took our team many races before we settled into a grove of what the co driver does and how often he does it. Have a team meeting after every race and ask the driver what he liked and what distracted him. Don't just sit...

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