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    XP 1000 - 2 seats or 4?

    Wow. Great information. Thank you.
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    XP 1000 - 2 seats or 4?

    I have decided to buy an XP 1000. Now I have to decide between 2 seats or 4. 99% of the time I won't use the rear seats. But I have heard the 4 seater is a far better ride. I like that if its true. I ride desert and mountain trails. Places like Ocotillo. I am a little worried about the length...
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    2nd Annual UTVUG Ocotillo Wells Trip

    I am down.... Only if Joey can stay off the cliff edges this time... LOL.
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    SideXSide Action 1000 Member Promo

    I told Mikey he was old enough to join the forum..... This is the only site that I would let him join. It is family friendly. I also refeered 4 other members in the last week..... The site is growing.
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    I got to see Joey's new and improved Rhino last night at the show..... WOW. It is sick. The paint is bad azz..... I cant imagine how good it looks when you get it out in the sun. The tin work gives it that custom look.... It was very impressive....
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    Nessie Sightings $500

    DAM... I missed this thread. I just saw it about 30 minutes ago rolling thru Beaumont about an hour from the show. There was actually 2 trailers. One fully loaded and one with 2 side by sides. I pulled up next to the 2 trailers and I was checking out the side by sides. The drivers probably...
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    Looking good Joey... I think I am going to roll out to the show tomorrow and check it out....
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    2009 Sand Sports Super Show

    Re: Nessie Alive and in HD at the SSSS I am pretty sure that I just saw 2 of these on a truck rolling thru Beaumont on their way to the show. They were crazy looking.
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    All UTV's SSSS Special 20% off DragonFire Racing

    I just passed the 2 Dragonfire Trucks on the freeway here in Beaumont. They were fully loadaed with side x sides on their way to the show. Nice looking rides.
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    Looking good Joey...... I cant wait to see it after paint.
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    Looking good Joey..... That thing looks sick. They did great work. You and the family are going to have fun this season.
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    My New Shop

    I finally got the new shop finished.... Now I have a place to work on my Rhino, Golf Carts and my Harley..... Its not a gargae.... No storage and no cars parked inside.... It is just a shop to work on the toys..... I bought the Diamond Plate from a guy over on Rhinoforums...... I really...
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    Yamaha speedo gauge cluster

    Hold the Trip/ODO button when you turn the key on......
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    Hard to start !

    Valves arent the problem..... More than likely the fuel issue from sitting.... Mine does it too sometimes.... An electric fuel pump will fix that if it bugs you. Low voltage from the battery can also be a problem if you have an aftermarket CDI.... For some reason they are touchy with low...
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    Welcome to Rhino Parts and Performance

    I think I bought stuff from them before.... Is this the guy that sales a grip of Rhino stuff on ebay?

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