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    Official Parker 250 update thread!!!

    Thanks Joey. Wonder what happen to Sims 1913? Queen 1955 is out.
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    Official Parker 250 update thread!!!

    Keep them coming. Thanks
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    Official Parker 250 update thread!!!

    Got any running order yet?
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    All UTV's Are these the most ADVANCED Shocks EVER???

    That sounds cool to have the gps tied to autoadjust settings, on a road course or Lucas Oil Course would be cool, but I'd put money that even on a closed offroad course like a WORCS race or open course like BITD, that trying to setup/map the variances would nearly be imposible to get right...
  5. M Desert Rally - Ocotillo Wells / S22 Nov 8-10

    Same weekend as the Lake Elsinore Gran Prix. So probably Friday/Saturday. My race is at 4:00. Going to be a busy weekend.
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    2013 Lake Elsinore Grand Prix

    I'm racing my 800 again. All signed up. Hopefully they have someone watch for the engine swaps and move them to the unlimited class (per the rules) this year. Fun race!!
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    BIG NEWS FROM KAWASAKI 9.6.13 - 9:00AM PST on

    I am going to sell my "S" and have been thinking about the t-4 for a two seat Desert Machine, my only drawback is I wanted to get closer to 100" wheelbase, but this new Teryx may be a good platform to start with. A set of Long Travel Industry Arms and some 2.5's, new cage and away we go!
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    warlock's XP1000 Consumer Buyer Watchdog Thread

    Re: XP1k Bending Shocks ???????? I would look at shock and A-arm angles at full extension before throwing WER under the bus. The needle shocks have been used successfully prior to the XP1K release. They aren't experimental. The bend in the middle of the shaft indicates to me the failure took...
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    2014 King Of The Hammers - YES there will be a UTV Race!

    I like your post, but your comments regarding Stock Suspension mounting positions and "Otherwise let people build cars to push limits and be innovative" is contradictory. I love "Otherwise let people build cars to push limits and be innovative", but I would lose the Stock suspension mounting...
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    Polaris W/E needle conversion on xp

    Sending someone your way on these. His name is Jean-Francois.
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    Shock revalving for dummies....

    instead of adding the .08 between existing .12 on your stack, add the .08 thick x .95 in diameter on top of the stock stack and then add a pair of .10 x 1.30 or a .08 + a .10(same as your largest stock shim diameter) on top. My $.02
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    Shock revalving for dummies....

    I have bought individual shims from Kartek for Kings.
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    YAMAHA - June 11th, 6PM PST on - 2014 Model Year RELEASE!

    Something to think about and/or remember, pretty much this UTV craze all started when some creative and innovative people started putting long travel and rear seats in a farm utility vehicle not designed or intended to be used in the manner they were used. In fact are still used today. I am...
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    YAMAHA - June 11th, 6PM PST on - 2014 Model Year RELEASE!

    They really step it up. Used to be 42 mph off the showroom. :eek:

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