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    2015 Moab Rally on the Rocks

    Went last year and I'm going to be there a couple days early this year so I can get in some extra riding before the Rally gets started. Discount Tires does a bang up job and the raffles are hugh. Great time!!!!!!
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    Rally On The Rocks

    I'll be showing up and am getting pretty 'jacked', never been but sounds like it will be a blast. Nice that Kawi is going to have a service unit there, hope I don't need it but way cool of them.
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    Yamaha Top speed?

    Check and see if it's reading kph.
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    Yamaha Rhino 450 engine swap to 660????

    I was hoping to do something in the 3K range, what's a Rotex motor run, twice that or more? You'd have the power.
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    Yamaha Rhino 450 engine swap to 660????

    Looking for anyone that has done or tried to swap out an engine in a Rhino 450 geared chassis to a 660 engine. Any input you have I'd like to hear. Thanks. :cool:
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    Free Trail Maps - Colorado

    Nice resource for the trail riders. If I ever drop down to Colorado to ride I'll have to remember this site. Thanks, Kenny G
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    Yamaha Air filter covered or not?

    I've been playing with the CVT this winter on my Rhino and have left the cover off while trying different weights and springs, while trying to tune the CVT. Haven't really noticed any difference while doing trial rides with it off verse it on. But my motor is pretty much stock. Whatever it's...
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    Yamaha how to wire lights

    Great reference w/pictures and all. I'm a real picture guy. Thanks!
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    All UTV's BEARD 4-Point UTV Harness ONLY $79.99 !!!

    Bert, How long you got them Beard harness on sale for? Like the simplicity of the buckles, look comfortable, I'm no racer so don't need the extra hassels. :cool:
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    Yamaha Rhino 4 seater

    Looks slick. How do those Breads in the front fit across the hips? I'm prowlin around for some after market seats for my Rhino that bolt onto the OEM bases. Hear some of the after market seats are tight fitting for race happy clowns. Im looking for comfort on the trail. :cool:
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    jumped ship too

    Good to see you made it here Rustycage. Joey's been great to the Rhino Nuts that showed up on the door step at UTVUG. :cool:
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    LED Light Bar Protection

    Fondle me. :eek: That said it all. Thanks Joey
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    LED Light Bar Protection

    What's out there for LED Light Bar protection. Googled the net and didn't really find anything. Wondering how a top bar will handle trail riding and branches slapping it? If you build a cage for the front of the bar with some type of screen would it scatter the light beams?
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    Thanks for the Sticker & Vids UTVUG

    Just want to say thanks to UTVUG for the stickers and DVD's from Fox Racing , Motor Head, and The Mint 400 by Mad Media. That was way cool. Thanks again!!!! :D

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