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    R1 wiring harness

    I ran into the same problem. I Should of listened in the first place & sent it to weller. Jason is a awesome guy & really knows about this.
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    Dirt Series Rd# 8 at Pala Raceway UTVunderground Pictures

    Awesome job on the driving. Enjoyed watching, especially when u were hitting those jumps. Congrats on the season.
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    Yamaha Team SRC's DSR1 Build

    We have been putting in a lot of time and a lot of work on this build, oh and don't forget a whole lot of $$$$. We are trying to make the 2012 Lake Elsinore GP, and its cutting close but if everything goes right we should make it.:D
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    2012 Lake Elsinore GP

    I was wondering also.:confused:
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    Dirt Series Rd# 8 at Pala Raceway UTVunderground Pictures

    Great pics Daniel. I thought that was u out there that day. I can say u hustle around that track really well to catch great pics. I would b out of breath the whole time.
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    Dirt Series Rd# 8 at Pala Raceway UTVunderground Pictures

    After a little talking to the officials about a car finishing under it own power & not being pushed across, Will Rodgers #65 from team SRC the guy running doubles took 2nd.
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    Yamaha Team SRC's DSR1 Build

    Hey everybody Its been a long time since ive been on here or posted. I became a daddy and Anybody that has kids knows that your life becomes really busy when this happens. Now that my life has leveled out a little I put together a team called SRC consisting of friends & family. We have...
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    New UTV Team

    Was up Underground, Just wanted to introduce a new team that will be taking on Best In The Desert Race series. I will be posting the News Letters so everybody can keep up on our progress. Thanks, Junior Q.
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    1955 DSR1 Mint 400 race recap

    We are Building our DSR1, Our first race is going to be the Henderson 250 in November. I hope to help out with the Press on the DSR1's
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    Going BIG Junior Quisquis Style

    Rebuilding rhino & dropping in the R1 motor. Have decals on side panels, will post pix soon.
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    2011 Lake Elsinore Gp Official Thread! November 12th & 13th

    Love Racing the GP, Working hard to get the R1 motor installed in time. Hope to make it this year.

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