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    and here comes another one...

    That was Funny, wasn't it !!!
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    Yamaha Rhino Owners?

    Sound like all You need is a tank of gas and a day off !!!
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    Yamaha Found out what a bad sheave looks like..

    PS. there is nothing wrong with grease less. I did for a long time, but I love the action of a greased sheave.
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    Yamaha Found out what a bad sheave looks like..

    To each their own, but I don't mind getting my hands dirty for performance. And Yes, I run grease in mine. I do average 100 miles a weekend, so that means I service mine every 5 weeks. Maintenance on the Rhino is good therapy for rainy days.......
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    Yamaha Found out what a bad sheave looks like..

    I like to do mine every 500 miles, but I like stuff to preform at 100 %
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    Yamaha Rhino Owners?

    Be sure and check front and rear diffs - level - cleanness of fluid. Milky look is water. Diffs are very expensive. I would also recommend servicing primary and secondary clutch sheaves every 500 miles if You ride a lot of dust.
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    Thank you Underground Members....

    I think a lot of it is Your members. And You've got some awesome ones !!!!!!!!!
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    Bumpers rhino project

    Wow. nice and shinny !!!
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    Couple of top speed vids

    HAHA Addictive !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    New guy

    Hey Colten !!!!!!! Glad Your here !
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    New guy

    Your "the man" ! There is no way I would split the cases. HAHA Get it fixed so we can meet up at Mena.
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    Couple of top speed vids

    Thanks Kenny ! By the way......Thats a bad a** pic for Your avatar !!!! Lovin it
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    Couple of top speed vids

    Holy S***T !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And You hit it Quick !
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    All UTV's Post up a pic of your sxs!!

    That was a steal, Bruce !
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    Yamaha Cuttin Out?

    Mine done that when it was idling too low .

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