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  • Yeah he is fine. Cars pretty banged up but not too bad. I will race again. My dad is shaken mentaly though. He sitting out a season and letting me race.
    Not so hot. Pops started 16th and by time he came around on the first lap was in 8th. At around race mile 90 (19.5 on the second lap) we had a mechanical failure wich locked up the right rear and pops rolled 4-6 times at over 100MPH. As soon as I get the footage edited I'll post it. It sucks we were doing good.
    i would love to go but i have to work sat and sun, my usual days off are thursday and friday. lets plan for next week ill let you know my days off as soon as i get my schedule
    well i dont think its higher that like 8 inches. if not there, where is another good place to go thats not too hot???
    its a fire road that goes from the bottom of hemet up to idyllwild. its fun and it take like an hour to get to the top and then back down so its a good ride i would say. plus there is a stream that you have to cross and its flowing good right now
    it was bad ass man :) it was nice to just take my dad out there and show him what rhinos can do. oh and when you shift in gear like when its hot or you have been running your car for a while does it kind of "kick" into gear? heck sometime man lets do a bee canyon run
    It was a good trip. Weather was good saturday then got cloudy on sunday but got lots of good rides in, just wish we had an extra day out there.
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