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  • Awesome! I am glad you like it. Get some pics of it. I havent pulled one out of the box yet...
    Hell ya. I'm kicking Austins & Funco's ass this weekend. Well Austin can have second this time.
    YOU GOT IT DUDE!! Glad you made it out! Your one of our best supporters, glad you came away with a few goodies! I got some pink sticks for your lady!
    lol i feel like a dam ghost with you guys soon bro the faceless king will arrive.....have a good time for me and pound one on me......
    ed butts ford in la puente one of few that are still open lol im a dispatcher/foreman nice what city you work in
    shoot i wish i could have my toys at work so i can play with them just for the hell of it lol what do you do bro i work at a ford dealer as a dispatcher was a tech but now i dont get dirty anymore lol
    yeh but i will find something me and the lady can love i just want my garage bro thats all i ask for lol and a yard for the boys so they can leave my shit alone till they grow up thanks bro .....hows the baby and momma
    not yet bro this shit is really head breaking cause i find what i want but then theres always ands ifs and buts my head hurts lol
    sum fam bam lol congrats bro glad to hear that both are doing fine i havent been on looking for a house to buy so ive been more on realtor.com and crap ....
    alright man for sure bro, just let me know k. im getting my exhaust installed today so i cant wait to see how much of a difference there is from stock
    you know what man lets plan for like next week cuz i cant go tomorrow. i have to do so much stuff its not even funny :( but next week would be sick
    yea its like 2.5 miles out of bishop on the 395. we cam at the millpond, wish you would have came maybe next year! we have to get together and do a ride soon
    Next race is in Bastow on july 18th. We'll be running the 1600 there since the 1 car wont be done. am trying to get the 1 car done by time the september race rolls around.
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