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    Polaris General Race Build

    To Quote Billy Madison "Well, I made the duck blue because I'd never seen a blue duck before and I wanted to see one" Basically, I've wanted to build a General ever since they were released. I knew they would never be the fastest, but who cares? It is unique and different. After moving back...
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    KOH Qualifing Order

    Damn it they spelled my name wrong!!! oh well. 20th off the block!
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    Buy & Sell Forum Back up!!

    Solid idea Joey, I have my TORC car from last year for sale. $25,000 Will deliver
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    WORCS RD 1 on board footage from #320 car

    pieced some of the footage together from my car's go pro after the first round of WORCS. ENJOY!!
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    WORCS Taft Table #2 Yes it can be cleared in a SXS * kids dont try this at home

    I was standing in the bleachers when this happened. It sounded so violent!
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    2016 AZOP Race Schedules

    A race at Mormon lake lodge!!!!!! that is going to be awesome!!
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    XP1K vs Maverick turbo

    What about a RZR 900S? or if you have the coin the new 1000S?
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    Turbo Max Cage Build with lowered Rear seats.

    I saw you a bunch this weekend out in the cinders. Every time you drove by I told somebody how nice your car looked haha.
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    2016 WORCS Racing Rules! Turbos Addressed!

    whooooo my car is still relevant for another year haha
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    2015 Cinders Race in Flagstaff Arizona

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    2015 Moab Rally on the Rocks

    Here is top of the world.
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    2015 Moab Rally on the Rocks

    Quick question. in past years there has been a police escort of some kind that allows you to not trailer your UTV to the trail head and just drive it there. I just went to Moab a few weeks ago and there was UTVs driving on the streets everywhere and the cops were doing nothing. This lead me...
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    Rigid Industries :: Overland Expo West 2015 :: Flagstaff, AZ

    right in my back yard. i will probably drive my RZR there.
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    Anyone gonna be in Moab car show weekend? April 24-26

    Hey I actually will be haha. was not intentional just planned on going up there with a few buddies and ripping UTVs. whats this car show all about?
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    Best Places to Ride in Arizona?

    I Live in Flagstaff, AZ and I will tell you that I avoid the cinders like the plague. So many better places to ride up here but it has taken me 8 years as a resident to find them all. They are not on any maps which is weird but I can direct you to them. send me a PM if you want to come up and...

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