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    San Felipe 250 Tracking ?

    Derek drove to 167 Jason is in now to finish.
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    San Felipe 250 Tracking ?

    Oh. Was not sure if you were down in SF. See ya in 2 weeks. Btw texting as we close in on Burnit
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    San Felipe 250 Tracking ?

    How did u do today Johnny.
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    San Felipe 250 Tracking ?

    We are battling w Burnett now. Going to be close!
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    Official UTVUnderground 2016 Parker 250 Update Thread

    You guys all dont have a knob on your dash that just ups the boost to 100? Come on everyone is doing it.....
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    Justin Lambert Takes 1st Overall at 2016 BITD Parker 250

    Great run Justin! Congrats on another great win!
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    Official UTVUnderground 2016 Parker 250 Update Thread

    I normally don't jump in these forums anymore as words will be twisted spun and dissected more than needed. I dont fully understand how this situation is still being brought up. People wanted split classes and it happened. And now there are still problems. Re Can Am ecu I know that Cory has...
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    Baja 1000 Bets and Bullshit

    We cant wait for the 1000. This course should make for some good racing. We will be south of the border soon and positing up on FB as much as we can leading up to the race. The points are super close and it will come down to this one.
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    Can'am or RZR?

    10 to 1 Polaris on the track...... yet 3 Can-Am's in the top 10 in BITD???
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    UTVUnderground Presents: 2015 BITD Vegas To Reno - VIDEO

    Great video guys! It's awesome exposure for the sport and shows a small glimpse of how incredible these SXS are. Keep it up! It takes a massive amount of time, effort and $ to pull off coordinating footage of desert Racing events. Especially VtoR. Respect.
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    BITD Class Vote on sequential 5 speeds

    Bring that pure sport to the golf course for some fun! Its a Production class right?? Lets see how they stack up.
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    Jagged X Takes On Vegas To Reno

    Nice write up. Always enjoy running against you guys!
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    32" Tire for BITD 2016

    Just going by what Casey and Cory told me. Maybe I am gullible. As the assumptions you make do no good. Either way we dont care. I did not name them all as it is not my place to just talk. But was told there were several requests mostly from BITD down. I did not list them because its not my...
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    BITD Class Vote on turbos

    Makes since. I would be open to this. It is a production class. so it makes since. I just did not want to put too much on the table at once re cc. I agree that we would want to race where ever the most competition is in this class.
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    Is Cory Sappington and the UTVRA relevant?

    Joey, I never said the OEMs should dictate the rules. Only that all OEMs are going to want their latest and greatest on the track to compete with each other with rules similar to now. I think most racers also want the fastest and best units on the track. If you dont go buy the fastest, or the...

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