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    Racers burned at Lucerne

    It's sourcing, period. Unfortunately you get what you pay for and manufactures find every conceivable way of reducing costs to increase profits. If you compare the components that are used in main stream (on road) automotive production, you will quickly see that they do not differ. Unfortunately...
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    2019 KOH

    Joey, sure hope your right. Guess I got the wrong impression 2 years ago when the prior years winner of the western and national champion in the Ultra4 UTV class tried to introduce himself to Mr. Cole. His first words were who the F are you. When he explained that he had won his series, he...
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    2019 KOH

    in a very short span of time the UTV class has become one of the biggest. Top UTV manufactures have come in and sponsored the event yet nothing for us. It has been said from the beginning that the top dog does not like UTV's. Thought it might change with many of the 4400 guys running UTV's also...
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    Best Clutch Set Up for XP4 w/ 32's

    Joey, I know you run your rigs pretty hard... I'm surprised no one has mentioned alignment. Found on the XP1000's that the 10.5" center to center on the drives is pretty important when it comes to overall performance of the clutches. Regards,
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    Drivers attacking Drivers at WORCS

    I'll go there.... The guys on the main course, hurt and looking like he's on a Sunday cruise. Not sure but it even looks like he's giving him the bird. Again on main course, no belts on, no helmet on! Not only is he showing a total disregard for his own safety, but for all that come up on him at...
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    X3 BITD build

    Looking good! Bryan Carr's work has been speaking for itself for quite some time. His attention to detail and tin work are top notch. Good luck with your race program.... Regards,
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    Get Ready....

    Lets face it CVT drives have not changed significantly in 35 years. Taken from snowmobiles and slapped on a utv is not the long term fix. Ok I like my belt drive and it actually amazes me how well they actually do hold up. It's time for the manufactures to step up. Design the clutch to be much...
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    KOH Qualifing Order

    Bringing our knife to the gun fight.! Started on the build in July 2016 in hopes of running KOH in 2017. Ended up being a rough year taking care of family and it just wasn't to be. All signed up for 2018 and the cars is pretty much there. Looks like the course is going to be brutal and the...
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    Polaris New Desertcraft Product ....XPT CVT Blaster SD (Sand/Desert)

    XPT CVT Blaster SD (Sand /Desert) Our "XPT CVT Blaster II" for the XPT has proven it's worth on and off the track. The additional volume of high velocity air provides consistent cooling to the CVT drive system realizing significant drops in direct belt temperature, (Oh and it's filtered too!)...
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    Axles wrapped

    Yep, one of the oldest racers tricks.. Back in the day we would find some old carpet foam cut it in strips and wrap the axle then finish it with e-tape or vulcanizing tape. Kinda a pain to take off for inspection and you throw the whole mess away. Always liked the idea so I figured out a little...
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    In a roll over the "B" pillar is where it's at, looks like they have squared it out and added cross bracing for that. Yes the "A" pillar may crumple/crush but will also absorb much of the energy from a sever crash. If that were to happen it looks like the occupants would still be in a safe zone...
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    Our Desertcraft PUR axle mount lets you easily mount your spare axle assembly to your roll bar in a matter of minutes. It can be mounted to 1-1/2", 1-3/4" or 2" tubing without marring your paint or powder coating. It's truly universal and allows for mounting to the CV splines or axle bar or a...
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    R2C Does It Again!

    R2C has taken air filtration to a whole new level with the introduction of their severe duty synthetic filter media. Being directly involved in the original testing of their filters gave us some great insight to the overall benefits of their proprietary synthetic filtration media. It not only...
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    Polaris CVT Cooling (Nice!)

    George, Getting your Xp1000 dialed in with a dual set up and your custom cover seems to be paying off for you.. Congrats on your podium finish at the Parker 250.
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    Polaris CVT Cooling (Nice!)

    We are not a"Bandwagon" company that simply buys into a product then promotes it. First and foremost we like to think out of the box. Second, we design develop and test all of our products in house. Third, we like to do independent testing with enthusiasts and racers in the most extreme...

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