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    Polaris 2016 XP1

    Ok I need side mirrors. I want assault B2 but they're insanely overpriced. Might go to Tensor DS on method 405s too. Anyone know where I can buy both wheels and tires, assembled?
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    Polaris 2016 XP1

    It's that time of the year. Things are getting nice and trails are opening. Hit the trails this weekend
  3. CrawlerJamie

    Walker Evans Walker Link

    Nice machine! I'm very happy with mine. I could feel them working yesterday and boy is it a great feeling not getting knocked around.
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    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    So these are mouth more upright. Wonder if they're comfortable after all day? Also, in an xp1000 mount, would the seat angle be adjustable at all? Im curious what the stick xp 1000 seat back angle is
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    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    What is the seat back angle on these seats?
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    Polaris 2016 XP1

    I've almost done away completely with the lime squeeze! Now onto getting new seats. Had the control arms powdercoated black. And got Holz radius rods. Wrapped them in 3m to maybe keep them nice. And made a change to the interior. I put in a nice switch for the rear light bar strobe...
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    DezertBound Racing BITD X3 build

    Holy shit that's rowdy!! Very nice
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    Polaris 2016 XP1

    I ordered right from Impact I think it was like $930? Including the Velcro inner ear muffs, and helmet bag. Don't have a pumper yet but I'm planning on getting on in the RZR for next summer. Just don't know which one to get.
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    Polaris 2016 XP1

    Oh man I know. The tow rig is ready to roll, th RZR and trailer are ready, but it's been -30 so it has been too cold to do anything
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    Polaris 2016 XP1

    Got a replacement tow pig
  11. CrawlerJamie

    Polaris 2016 XP1

    Got me a new lid!
  12. CrawlerJamie

    Trinity Racing 2017 RZR 1000 Build

    Wow looks great so far. Great choice of parts
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    UTVUnderground Presents: 2016 SCORE BAJA 1000 VIDEO - Polaris Racing

    Me too^. Obviously I didn't see it live, but when I watched it in that video...when he broke, I got this horrible feeling in my stomach. What happened to cause the break? A hole? A rock?
  14. CrawlerJamie

    The most requested RZR Product

    Haha solid! I just don't know where to put mine. Could loop it in my cage somewhere I guess

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