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    R1 motor goodies

    Just a small correction, it's Shane Rosson, and he has miles of dyno runs to show the gains in performance for any product that he develops/ builds. He makes power plain and simple. Intakes, exhaust, management systems etc. Mike V.
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    Tilt Sensor in a SR1?

    A good alternative for this rule is a oil pressure switch for the power to the fuel pump. In the racing that I come from either was acceptable within the rules. Maybe something to think about. Easy fix for the tip over sensor issue. I personally have never run a stock tip sensor, the few that I...
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    All UTV's motor oil for R1 engine?

    I am thinking it's all preference. When I raced Lightning Sprints (street bike motor powered) My motor builder recommended the Mobil 1. Another motor builder that I know recommends Kendall (can remember the weights). I ran my Lightning Sprint for 4 years with no problems. I did change the oil...
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    Not sure about that. If Scott D. doesn't clarify here, I will try to get a answer early in the week. I had spoke to Don and Scott about running the SR1 class, I did not ask about "any" motor swap. Best bet would probably be to PM ScottD, the originator of the post. He should be able to let...
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    That is not correct. I have personally spoken with Don Kazarian, and he said that he will run the SR1 rhinos with the unlimited class until there are enough (6-10) cars, at that point he will make a class for the SR1 rhinos. The info is also posted on Race-Dezert, by the Perris announcer Scott...
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    dark horse r1 build

    Re: drak horse r1 build Sorry, I didn't keep up with the post. The splined shaft is where I was going. Just wanted to give a heads up that I had that clamp gear literally blow apart at the Elsinore GP. Dan changed to his new version shaft, and no more issues so far. I am sure you spoke to...
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    dark horse r1 build

    Re: drak horse r1 build Nick, It lloks like your gear on the RPM box is using the keyway compression gear. Is that correct?
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    Stoddard Wells 01/17

    Hey Wino, I'm in for a ride out there. It's a cool easy day trip for sure. Some friends I grew up with live next door to Brian (owner of Slash X) great guy and cool place to visit.(Lots of history). Let me know I am sure I can drag Paul (ZT FAB) out of the shop for a day. Later Mike
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    2010 West Coast Stadium Kart/ utv Spring Series

    Got a email from Tyson, they will have a SR1 class.
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    Perris Auto Speedway Announces 2010 Season

    I am ready to run in the R1 class and it would sure be nice to run at Perris. I have only run the oval there. Not to mention a great facility with tons of potential for shortcourse racing to be a permenant fixture there, as well as one of the best announcers in Scott Dalasio, and a great...
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    SR1, whos bulding one?

    I don't want to get into an arguement here at all. But I will share the personal experience that I do have with these motors. I am new to all of the sxs stuff at the racing level, so I won't speak to facts of how these cars react to power in a racing environment. I do have a R1 rhino that I...
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    ITP / Lake Elsinore Race Series!

    I will run if they have a R1 class.
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    my RZR1 build

    Not sure, the yoke flange binds on the axle shaft when the wheel rotates. And I thought it was really strange too that one side had less angle capabilities, they should be the same so the move / travel together throughout the suspension cucle. It might just be the ones coming from this shop...
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    my RZR1 build

    I am currently running these axles on my R1 rhino. Things to think about, they are pretty heavy, I have snapped the yoke on one side (supposedly rated for 500 hp) I have since upgraded both yokes to a forged steel one (about $150.00 per side after they rebalance the axles) and the best for last...

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