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    This is AWESOME

    Were was that??
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    Someone taking care of Obamacare

    This is so funny who is really in charged.
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    "La Familia" 3rd Annual John Berry Memorial Ride - March 15 -16, 2014

    Not sure at this point but hope to make it
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    Devil Baby

    I want one
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    Nightmare Gulch Nov. 15th-17th

    I was reading through this to catch up and looked at the pic, what beer I still don't see it.
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    Just wanted to say HI!!!

    Yea is a good time of the year for that. We have a game hopefully every Friday until December 6. The good news is E3 has decided not to do wrestling. The time requirements were extreme and they could affect his 4.0 GPA.
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    Just wanted to say HI!!!

    W o o o, t h i s i s v e r y s l o w. W h a t h a p e n t o e v e r y o n e ?
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    Just wanted to say HI!!!

    Wow have things slow down a lot on the site or is it just me??? :( Hey Slacker.
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    Just wanted to say HI!!!

    I know I have not been around these past months, my son has been keeping us extremely busy with his sports. Anyway I will try to look in here more often. I need to buy a battery for my RZR I think we will be going on Thanksgiving but it may only be a day ride, there is a chance that E3's will...
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    Keyesville, LaFamilia Style

    Very impressive it looks like you guys had a great time, so happy to see that.
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    Jeff Gordon scares a salesman - hilarious

    This video is hilarious E3
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    Trailer Upgrades

    very nice
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    My new/old tow rig 1975 Ford 4x4 Crew Cab ;-)

    Congrats compadre looking gooooooooood.
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    do we need to start wearing helmets now?

    Jorge can you take some pictures of your helmets I like to see how you did it. I think we have the same type of head sets right.

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