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    CageWrx's New XP1K Build

    Very Nice work! Keep an eye out on this company coming up with some quality parts at a great price. Lots of cool things coming in the future.:D
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    Revisiting The California Helmet Law...

    I do not drive my sxs much since the law was passed. Daughter drives it wearing a helmet and she is having a good time. Bought a jeep and looking for a 4 seat buggy for down the road. So it killed it for me.
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    MORE Powder Puff Oct. 25-26th

    I will be there as well with my Chase Truck pit support for 1477! Come by and have A cold one...........
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    What if your cage was welded right in front of you?

    Joey is right on. The guys who are making this happen know quality and have been around off Road Racing for A long time. Great Product and style!
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    What should US do about ISIS?

    Check out this video that my wife posted very powerful Video. We Need not Back Down!
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    CageWrx is proud to be here!

    These guys are the real deal. Great product at A great price! Love there stuff.:D
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    Method Race Wheels - UTV Wheels ARE OFFICIAL!

    We Run Method on all of our Poison Spyder Jeep builds and Ultra 4 car. Great Product And great group of guys to work with.
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    Need ideas for front turn signals

    Try these They are small and clean looking.
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    Who is R.Acer?? Off-Road Superhero?

    This is cool what he is doing! all I new him as is the "boy toy" of the dude's wife that owned the LA Dodgers. I know that he has some talent working in his shop and I hope he does well in the dirt world.
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    Anyone been to Bee Canyon lately???

    I was there two weeks ago. And yes there was water at northfork. have fun
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    Sage Brush Rebellion - Getting Back to the Constitution

    Lyin King, Great Post! Breven
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    Sage Brush Rebellion - Getting Back to the Constitution

    Question have you met any of the Bundy family? I have, hard working true red white and blue Americans! You just take in count what the far left wing media tells you like A little sheep. What would you do if the feds kicked you off the land that your family has grazed and rasied family's since...
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    I am grad that they are trying to make this A Friendly family event. But two spectator spots are you kidding me. What happen to finding A nice safe spot on the side of the course away from people and enjoy the event with your family. Instead we get some government wonk telling us to stay in A...

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