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    "I do alittle bit of racing", ha ha
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    New XP1k Spindles

    The double shear setup is great, but those interior nuts kinda look like a PITA to get to.
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    turbo's in desert racing

    I want to put a 1.0 ecoboost with a little transaxle in the back of one and call it unlimited. Alas, cant excape the CVT crap any way reasonably, and/or put an auto motor in one.
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    Baja Designs: General Discussion Thread

    Very happy with my squadron pros. Used the SII lights in the rear to accommodate BITD required safety lights. 2 amber, 1 blue, 2 red. At 2K lumens per piece they are wicked for the space they take up. The light intensity is so much for such a small housing I cant really get a good video of...
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    New XP1k Spindles

    The reason these are desirable is that the factory spindles are cast iron, and they do fail.
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    New XP1k Spindles

    Very nice! Made from 4130? Release date?
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    Silver State Start at Pit 2?

    I see both sides of the coin. Think if you cant leave the line under your own power, it should be back on a trailer. But I am not any part of the points, or near contention at the last race, so who gives a "HUG"............ Its Casey's series, what he says obviously goes. I too drove from...
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    2015 BITD SS300

    I don't plan on getting in anyone's way, and have my own battering ram.
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    2015 BITD SS300

    It could be worse, you could be going to your first BITD race and forget to register in time for the draw, thus being put dead last. That's whats up.
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    The State of the UTV Desert Racing Class

    What you do for you guys obviously works well, you have a great reputation. The suppliers I use don't buy any tubing from India or China. I also track where it comes from and keep the mill reports on most our projects. All to their own, as long as it works. The conversation isn't really...
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    The State of the UTV Desert Racing Class

    No, 95% of steel is not from China. We have steel mills all around the US. Most of our larger jobs dictate only sourced steel to be domestic. I am sure you do deal with large suppliers. My company also does, we fabricate 3000+ tons per year. The 4130 we receive is from Germany. DOM...
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    The State of the UTV Desert Racing Class

    I for one never understood as long as you keep the frame geometrically within reasonable tolerance to the factory frame why you wouldn't build it from scratch. The sorry ass mig welds, 16 gauge Chinese steel tubing, and all the joints involved are a crap pedestal to build a "racecar" atop...
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    My desert/off road XP1K build

    Certainly not the caliber of many of these builds I am seeing, but our first one. A lot of re-work and engineering, if you want to call it that, along the way. But its almost ready for final assembly. Sheetmetal is off to get wrapped, just a few small details. We are still hoping to make a...

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