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    The XX was the fastest car at WORCS today.

    So true.... The first hand report I got was the car was leaving guys behind in the rough stuff. It will be interesting to see how it does at a Lucas type track.
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    The XX was the fastest car at WORCS today.

    Pro Stock car with stock drive train and arms. . .Came from the third row to win the pro stock class. And posted the fastest over-all time for the day..Super rough course where suspension set up overrode horse power.
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    The XX was the fastest car at WORCS today.

    The XX was the fastest race car at Sand Hollow this weekend. Besting the turbo cars also. Pretty big win for just the cars second race. Bet we will see alot more of this.
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    JUSTIN LAMBERT WINS 2018 MINT 400 - UTVUnderground Quick Report

    What's up with fuelers still not wearin fire suits ? Including factory teams. You are jeopardizing everyones race if you get hurt.
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    Mint 400 race thread

    Bulloch just finished in a bone stock Textron XX . Nice work boys
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    Want to buy used race car

    There is a Fabwerx built 4 seater in the classified on racedez right now. Brand new motor and all good parts . Seems like a decent deal
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    Single seat race car.

    Race Love it..very nice. Really like the cage design. Your doing a great job with the build. . I just read today actually about the new Trinity exhaust. Good for you. Looking forward to seeing how the new car works at worlds and how your times stack up against the NA class. Keep up the great work..
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    Get Ready....

    Very excited for the XX media ride to see what they think of the new car. No way will Polaris stay at #3 so this Textron unveil will be good for everyone.
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    Get Ready....

    Really looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are on the XX
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    UTV's in Dakar Rally

    Camille has been getting some screen time on the Dakar update channels lately.. They showed her at a river crossing cruising right through and for a full minute on an in-car cam driving and goofing off. They must have been between stages and traveling. My god what a beast of a course this year...
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    Earning your start position for BITD.

    I commented on this subject on Carvers insta page the other day. It's way past time to start qualifying in my opinion. I get it that the class is not a full time job and know one is a professional so taking an extra day off would make it tougher on some teams . And I realize teams still can...
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    UTV's in Dakar Rally

    The first few dune stages have kicked some ass for lots of guys this year. Including some front runners in all the classes. Seems odd the dunes would give these guys so much trouble.
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    UTV's in Dakar Rally

    There is a Moto Dude named Lyndon Poskitt that is doing daily Utube updates that I have been following . I cant stop watching or following this guy. So fascnating. He is entered in Melle Moto . This class races Dakar but they are allowed no outside support and they are only allowed to bring to...
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    UTV's in Dakar Rally

    Thanks.. Really really enjoying following the race this year. Dakar fan had footage on YouTube of the aftermath of Menzies crash just after it happened. Felt horrible for those guys and you could see how much pain the co driver was in sitti g there on that tire. And How completely bumbed Bryce...
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    UTV's in Dakar Rally

    Always been curious to know if the UTVs race the same number of stages and the same course as all the other classes ?

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