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    What a difference a decade makes!

    Everyone cars evolved except Cory's. They still look almost the same.
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    Mint 400 entry costs...speak your mind

    You gotta pay to Play
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    New Honda Talon to launch Nov 27th 2018!

    Id take a tried and trued $14000 XP1K over a 20K honda talon. Even better yet Id run the single seat RS1 over the talon. Both of those machines in my opinion are leaps and bounds in front of the honda and they have a huge aftermarket already. Give it 3 years and I might change my mind if honda...
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    All UTV's UTVs are moving up!

    it just depends really. The rule is you can use the entire "wash" to choose lines. In San Felipe the whole race course is a the rule is left for interpretation. There are 100's of lines thru the gnarley shit in san felipe so you stand to make up alot of time if you spend the time...
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    All UTV's UTVs are moving up!

    Baja is a prerun game....Prerun, Prerun, Prerun......find the best lines and use them. Find the spots that are going to be problematic, find the path of least resistance. Just because a UTV can work around a trail plug doesn't mean he "shorcut" the field. I know a guy who drove straight to the...
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    Arctic Cat air intake box

    Thats a tough one. I think Id take their box, make the service writer put in writing you are doing as recommended by artic cat and keep a close eye on it. I dont think there is much in the aftermarket world for that machine but I would think ultimately a talented fabricater could build you a...
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    Help me decide on a new UTV!

    i think id use a general for what you are wanting.
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    Hoping someone can help me with 7 spline lug nuts

    Its a shitty way to go...but you could always pull the hub and cut the stud off an beat them through.
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    Hoping someone can help me with 7 spline lug nuts

    find a close diameter 12point socket, hammer it over the lug, and pull it that way.
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    Polaris HD roof options?

    I dont think there is a huge aftermarket available for the Ranger product like there is for the RZR models. I think your best bet would be to find someone to custom build what you are after.
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    What UTV Motor Produces the most torque

    Those numbers are hard to measure unless an engine dyno is used. To my knowledge they can be manipulated on a chassis dyno.
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    Elka Stage 5 shocks for Rzr 1000 xp

    Safe space? Negative..... I have never blocked anyone but you. You ramble on like a like a extremist, Yet You call yourself a common Joe, but nothing about your character is common. You offer nothing to this forum....NOTHING. You give Zero input on anything UTV related, You give Zero input on...
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    Elka Stage 5 shocks for Rzr 1000 xp

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    Elka Stage 5 shocks for Rzr 1000 xp

    #1...Im not a "racer" Just So were clear. #2.. Elka has indeed made shocks for UTV's for several years, They never gained traction except maybe in 06-07 on rhinos. Once the RZR XP900 came about larger shocks were a necessity. Then came 2.5's. It took elka another 2 years to step up to a 2.2 or...
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    Elka Stage 5 shocks for Rzr 1000 xp

    I dont know what your elkas have for adjustability but if they have high/low speed I would probably crank a good amount of low speed compression into them and make another pass at the same terrain. Also you could move down your crossover ring so it comes in a little sooner. All this will effect...

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